Jordan Peele Wants To Make More Scary Movies & We Have Ideas

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Get Out is still killing the box office by forcing Americans to start perceiving racism for exactly what it is: something that kills Black people. The film marks the directorial debut of comedian Jordan Peele, and his first foray into the horror genre. But according to an exclusive scoop provided to Business Insider, it will not be his last.
The comedian and former co-host of Key & Peele told the publication that he wants to unveil at least four more “social thrillers” in the next 10 years. Peele thinks that “the best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together.” I have to agree. Have you ever crossed a Belieber? Should the projects move forward, Peele plans for each film to address a different “social demon" currently affecting our society.
If he accepts Venmo, I am already willing to make an advance payment of $15.95 x 4 to reserve my spot for each film. That’s how much I trust him after Get Out. But I would be remiss not to share my own ideas about what these films should be about.
“The Silent Vote”
Shortly after last year’s election, it was revealed that Trump’s campaign strategically identified fans of The Walking Dead as the most likely sympathizers to his plans to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico. We also know that November 9 ushered in the real American Horror Story, when Trump won the election.
Peele should build on this framework to update the classic zombie genre. The constant vigilance and resistance that we now have to activate in order to push back on harmful political dominance feels like we’re basically fighting off zombies all of the time. And I’m not saying all Trump supporters are mindless shells of human beings, but it’s definitely worth exploring the symbolic connection.
In this psychological thriller, Peele should create a protagonist gone bad. A dude, let’s just call him Nick Viall, has spent his entire adult life fighting against a supernatural species of women who wield sexual powers over other human beings. He works for Uber during the day, and by night he hits the streets slaying these creatures and trying to figure out their purpose on Earth.
But a female detective, who he is in love with and doesn’t identify as one of these creatures, transforms before his eyes once he realizes that all roads lead back to him. He’s been suffering from psychosis and his own toxic but fragile masculinity drove him to murder all of those women.
"The Island"
Since the privatization of prisons looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better, Peele has the perfect opportunity to take for-profit prisons to the extreme.
A group of extremely wealthy members of an Illuminati-style counsel want to create some additional income streams via the prison they just purchased. So they have a brilliant idea. Remember the movie Hostel? I think Rikers Island is the perfect setting.
“The Bee Hunters”
If he’s into fantasy horror, Peele might also be interested in this Underworld-esque action film about a secret league of white feminists who have spent their lives committed to hunting and exterminating members of the Beyhive who are just trying to practice our religion in peace.
I get chills at the thought.

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