After A Whole Year Of Silence, Netflix Actually Canceled This Epic Fantasy Series

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
When Netflix introduced subscribers to Cursed, fantasy fans were certain that the remixed Arthurian tale would be the platform's answer to Game of Thrones — sprawling world fantasy included. However, like many shows on the streamer's lineup, we won't ever get to find out how this story ends because it's been canceled after just one season.
Netflix has officially closed the door on any thoughts of a second season for Cursed. The story, an adaptation of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s graphic novel of the same name, pulled from the Arthurian legend of Excalibur but gave it a unique twist; rather than focusing on King Arthur's journey to greatness, it lays the groundwork for the origin story of the Lady of the Lake, the mysterious goddess who gifts Arthur the iconic sword.
In the show, the Lady of the Lake (otherwise known as Nimue), is played by 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford. Nimue embarks on an epic journey alongside mercenary Arthur (Devon Terrell) to return the Sword of Power to Merlin the Wizard (Gustaf Skarsgård) while facing off against an extremist religious group determined to exterminate magic throughout the land. The season one storyline ended with a devastating cliffhanger involving the protagonist, but the general expectation was for her to return in a blaze of glory in the next chapter.
Unfortunately, it looks like Nimue won't be getting her happy ending after all now that Netflix has pulled the plug, forcing Cursed to join the ranks of other original series that ended before their time. The fate of the big budget production hung in the balance for over a year without any updates, and the decision to cancel the show is a surprising move considering the massive promotion for the original series before it was released last summer.
Let this be your daily reminder not to get too attached to any Netflix project, no matter how cool the storyline may be — as we know, anything can happen with this streamer.

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