Did The Messiest Bachelorette Promo Ever Really Just Spoil Katie’s Season?

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Spoilers are ahead. The preview for the rest of Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season wasn't just dramatic, it was messy as hell. The promo was very intense with scenes of Thurston beginning to fall in love and totally breaking down, interspersed with the men struggling on their own ~journeys~ as well. The whole thing was scored by what sounded like music right out of a horror film. Is this a reality dating show or something else entirely?
All Bachelorette promos need to be taken with a bucket of salt since scenes can be rearranged and audio can be laid over different moments, but there were definitely some valuable clips (and potential Bachelorette season spoilers) tucked into the jumbled chaos that you need to know about. But first, let's watch it one more time:

Justin Becomes A Frontrunner

So far, Justin Glaze has kind of flown under the radar, but get ready for him to have his moment. In the preview, he's shown on a cozy one-on-one date with Thurston. "You make me happy every day," she says. She could technically be talking to someone else in that clip, since Justin wasn't shown at the same time, but he will at least become more of a frontrunner with a one-on-one at some point.

Thurston Says "I Love You," But To Who?

In a clip where Thurston is hugging Mike Planeta, she can be heard whispering, "I love you." The editing may be leading us to believe that she says it to Planeta, but no matter who she's whispering to, it's a big deal. Usually Bachelor Nation shows only feature the lead saying the L-word if a big twist is coming. Previously, Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock was shown saying she loved Brooks Forester, and then he walked off the show leaving her heartbroken. Bachelor Ben Higgins also famously told both of his final two that he loved them, only to leave runner-up Jojo Fletcher blindsided and heartbroken.

Someone May Leave Katie's Season

Speaking of Forester, someone on Thurston's season may be pulling a similar move. In the trailer, she reveals, "It's very possible that my person just left." Some of the top contenders for men that may exit of their own volition are Greg Grippo, who storms out of a confessional interview and tries to evade the cameras; Blake Moynes, who mentions something about "going through the motions" and not necessarily being in love yet; and Michael Allio, who is shown struggling over the decision to leave his sons behind to go on the show.

Katie Gets A Surprise Visitor

When a surprise knock comes on Thurston's door, she's shocked when she opens it. "The last thing I ever expected was you," she says. Later, co-host Tayshia Adams talks to someone and says, "What are you actually doing here?" The editing seems to be leading us to believe that another latecomer joins Thurston's season, but it is probably just someone wanting to come speak to Thurston, perhaps the person who leaves early. Adams' comment could be explained as her questioning someone's motives, not necessarily her being shocked that someone new shows up.

Blake Moynes Appears To Get A Hometown Date

In what seems to be a giant spoiler, Blake Moynes is shown talking to a woman (who looks an awful lot like she's related to him) about how he apparently hasn't told Thurston that he loves her. The woman looks a lot like Moynes' sister Taylor Moynes, and that seems like a very Hometown date kind of conversation to be having. It seems pretty unmistakable that Blake makes it to final four.

Katie Threatens To End Her Bachelorette Journey Early

Towards the end of the promo, Thurston is shown storming away from the camera demanding that someone buy her a ticket home. No one can't blame her for wanting to get the hell out of there based on all the drama that she clearly goes through before then. Her breakdown would be especially understandable if the contestant who leaves is someone she really has her heart set on, or someone she loved who broke her heart by not returning those feelings. Thurston's season also wrapped early, according to a report from Us Weekly, for what's it's worth.
The promo isn't canon by any means, since everything may play out differently than how producers packaged it. But no matter exactly what goes down, the rest of this season is about to be chaotic.

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