The Killer(s) In Fear Street Part 1: 1994 Cannot Be Stopped

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Spoilers are ahead. There are almost too many killers in Part 1 of Netflix's Fear Street trilogy to keep track of. There's the Skull Mask Killer, who goes on a rampage at the Shadyside Mall in 1994. There's also the 1978 Camp Nightwing killer and suicidal murderer Ruby Lane, who killed her boyfriend back in the '50s. Not to mention, the most unlikely killer, our final girl Deanna (Trinkets' Kiana Madeira), who happens to be doing it for the right reasons. Not that that makes watching her drown her girlfriend Sam (Panic's Olivia Scott Welch) in a lobster tank any easier.
What we soon learn though is that the real killer is someone we haven't met yet and she's the biggest bad of all. So bad that it may take another two movies to even get to her.
The interconnected films inspired by R.L. Stine's Fear Street series (the film isn't a direct adaptation of the novels) take place in the struggling town of Shadyside, Ohio, better known as "Killer Capitol, U.S.A." The town's history of gruesome killings has long been ignored, explained as just "another Shadysider goes nuts," but some including Deena's brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.) chalk it up to a longstanding curse.
In 1666 — the year in which Part 3 is set — the town hanged Sarah Fier for being a witch. Before she died, it's believed she cursed the town and in the centuries since has possessed a select few innocent Shadysiders to go on murderous rampages. As the nursery rhyme goes: “Before the witch’s final breath, she found a way to cheat her death.” And to this day, " she reaches from beyond her grave, to make good men her wicked slaves."
It started with The Pastor, who in 1666 cut out the eyes of innocent children. From there she moved on to other victims who would become the Milkman killer, the Humpty Dumpty murderer, and most recently Ryan Torres, the mall rat who becomes the Skull Mask Killer. And now Sam is under Sarah's spell after finding her resting place in the woods. She's having visions of Sarah, who is out to get her now that they've mind melded. It's Sam's blood, which dripped onto Sarah's burial plot, that helps her track her.
Sarah Fier is so powerful, she's able to bring the men and women who have been doing her bidding back from the dead. Not even bullets or bleach fires can stop them from killing in this witch's honor. She holds quite a grudge this one.
Deena, Josh, and the rest of the Shadyside gang believed that the only way to stop this 355-year-old witch was to kill Sam and then immediately bring her back to life.. So they did with a literal shot of adrenaline, and all seemed well. Ruby Lane, Ryan Torres, and the camp slasher disappeared. Deena got the girl. Well, that is until Sam stabbed her in a fit of possession. Unfortunately, in the final moments of Part 1, fans see that Sarah isn't gone, she's just taken over Sam's body, mind, and let's assume soul.
To stop this witch and save Sam from eternal damnation, Deena and Josh are going to have to go back in time. Perhaps, not literally, but Fear Street Part 2 should help us and them understand what happened in the summer of '78 that led the mysterious C. Berman (Gillian Jacobs) to outsmart Sarah Fier. The only problem is, C. Berman may have survived, but she's still just as haunted as they are.

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