We Actually Burn For This Guy’s Bridgerton Bit On The Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of Liam Daniel/Netflix.
Spoilers are ahead. Bachelorette limo exits can be hit or miss (miss me with this season's blow up doll guy, please), but Bachelorette contestant Andrew Spencer's Bridgerton-themed bit during Katie Thurston's premiere was actually pretty cute. He started the schtick while in quarantine waiting to start filming the show. He drew a face on a paper bag and (sort of) recited Regé-Jean Page's "I burn for you" speech from the beloved Netflix series. "I truly burn for you," he passionately told the paper-bag version of Katie. "I hope that you're on fire for me as well." Not exactly the right lines, but the sentiment was the.
The Bridgerton "burn for you" scene was one of the steamiest in the show, as Page's marriage-phobic Duke Simon finally revealed to Daphne that he wasn't avoiding her because he didn't like her — he liked her too much and feared she didn't like him back. But she burned for him just as much as he did for her. Their passion for one another was further complicated by the fact that Simon didn't want to father children, and Daphne did, and they both wanted to have sex. (Andrew S. said in his ABC bio that he does want kids — five kids — so he and Simon definitely differ there.)
Andrew S. didn't go full-Duke when he actually met Katie, though. Instead of telling her that he burned for her like he had practiced in his room, he just put on a British accent and told Katie that he came all the way "across the pond" to meet her. But after exchanging a couple of pleasantries, Andrew owned up to not actually being from Britain. He's from Chicago and his British accent is what he considers his "alter ego." The whole exchange made Katie laugh, and that's always a win during a first impression.
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Bridgerton references are about six months old now at this point, and they've been super overdone on TikTok, where Katie has a pretty big presence and likely would have seen all the Bridgerton reenactments back when the show first came out around the new year. Still, Andrew's cute accent attempt was a memorable moment and it certainly stood out. Katie also later tried out her own British accent on him, so anyone who thought it was cringey can take it up with her.
After all of the problems that surrounded Matt James' season, I'm not just going to swoon over every little cute Bachelorette moment and act like this show is completely absolved of its troubled history. But Andrew's existence on this show so far has been a genuine bit of joy. This is a guy who did the Carlton dance in his bedroom during quarantine and recited Bridgerton lines to a paper bag. We'll take it!

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