Every Angsty As Hell Song From The Panic Season 1 Soundtrack

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Possible are spoilers ahead. Amazon Prime Video's new teen series Panic is Hunger Games meets Outer Banks. The YA thriller based on Lauren Oliver's book of the same name, who also wrote the series, is about a sleepy Texas town where newly graduated seniors play a game that they hope will help them escape forever. As we soon learn, the game isn't meant to kill anyone, and it won't, if you follow one important rule: "Don't panic." Easier said than done. The 10-episode series is stress-inducing, which might be why the Panic soundtrack is as angsty as they come. Alexa, play some Billie Eilish.
When these teens aren't throwing themselves off the highest heights or spending the night in a morgue for lots of cash, they're trying to navigate love triangles and crushes on the mysterious new guy in town. And all of it needs a soundtrack, which here is provided by some emo kids like Grimes and Eilish. As well as some new kids you'll want to add to your summer party playlist like Arlo Parks, Aunty Social, and Tones and I, whose song "Not Going Home" can be heard in the Panic trailer. So stay calm and carry on while listening to every song in Panic.

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