Every Song On Ginny & Georgia’s Extensive Season 1 Soundtrack

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
At first glance, Netflix's Ginny & Georgia is bright and fun, a show about a witty and charming mother-daughter duo taking on the world. But as much as Georgia (Brianne Howey) wants to create the perfect life for her teenage daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry), Georgia is hiding dark secrets that threaten to take their whole family down. And the Ginny & Georgia soundtrack is a lot like the show itself. Bubbly and upbeat on the surface, but with a lot more going on underneath.
Most of the songs' titles and lyrics further amplify how the characters are feeling in each scene — even when they can't necessarily express those feelings or share those secrets. The music says it for them, every time Ginny feels like an outsider in her new town or Georgia puts on a mask to make it through life on charm alone.
Throughout the series, you hear contemporary upbeat dance tracks, tender romantic songs, and some '90s and early '00s classics from Georgia's childhood. There are also a few made up songs that sadly don't exist online yet, like the fictional tunes from the school play Sing Sing — an obvious rip-off of Chicago — and the sweet lullaby that Ginny's dad sings for her. But luckily, the original song that Hunter sings for Ginny made the cut on the official soundtrack. Who knows, maybe he will go viral twice?
Warning: Spoilers are ahead for Ginny & Georgia season 1.

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