The 17 Sharpest, Most Terrifying Horror Movies By Women On Shudder

Photo: Anna Biller Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock.
With the world as scary as it is, it's not surprising that many of us have been turning to the cathartic world of horror movies to soothe our anxious minds. While Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and all our other streaming favorites have some good horror movies, Shudder is a streaming service dedicated solely to the best and most eclectic genre fare. They currently they have an impressive selection of scary, thought-provoking, and groundbreaking movies made by women. 
Despite the fact that horror films often mine the trauma and terror of being a woman, they are more often than not directed by men. And even though women have been directing horror for years, their word can sometimes be harder to find. Thankfully, Shudder makes some of those films easier to access and we've whittled it down to our 17 favorites. From Shudder's critically acclaimed exclusives to iconic cult '80s slashers, there are a fair few women-helmed genre flicks for you to enjoy if you're looking for something scary but subversive. 
While most of our choices are truly terrifying, there are also some haunting fairytales, explorations of trauma, and even a pretty pastel horror homage that may become your next favorite film. Basically, no matter what your filmic flavor is, you'll find something to devour when you've next got a taste for something a little scary. Each of these selections will also hopefully bring something new to your horror fandom, whether through cinematography, storytelling, or the use of the genre as a way to make a powerful statement. So even if you're new to cathartic joys of horror, make sure to add these to your watch list. 

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