Every Song From Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 — So Far

Photo: courtesy of Hulu.
Spoilers are ahead. When we last left Handmaid's Tale protagonist June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) at the end of season 3, she had just done the impossible: successfully round up and shepherd 52 children out of Gilead aboard a cargo plane bound for Canada. In the process, she sacrificed her own safety and escape; the closing scene showed June laid out on a stretcher — fashioned out of her enormous red handmaid’s dress, no less — with a gunshot wound to her gut, her fellow handmaids frantic to save her life. Suffice it to say, she wasn’t in good shape. Fast-forward to Handmaid's Tale season 4, and we learn of June’s fate.
Spoiler alert: she makes it, and then some. And she’s just as determined to continue with her mission to save her daughter Hannah — by any means necessary. As with previous seasons of the hit Hulu series, June’s plight is set to a soundtrack that is equal parts ironic and emotional. From classic hits like Carole King’s “A Natural Woman” to soaring ballads like Julianna Barwick’s “Flown,” season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale is raring with subliminal messaging and deliciously subversive song choices. Here, we’ve rounded up all the nostalgic, familiar, and tip-of-your-tongue tunes that help set the scene for June’s explosive next chapter.

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