17 New & Old Classics To Watch On Hulu This 420

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It's April 20, aka the one day of the year where you're actually basically obligated to spend the night in sweatpants, smoking weed on your couch and eating snacks. Listen, if you want to do that on other days you totally should, but on 420 you will definitely not be alone in that choice.
After you finish stocking up on your on-sale edibles and swinging by Taco Bell or whatever (if you're more into Sweetgreen or something healthy, no judgement), you're going to need something to watch. And there are plenty of options depending on the kind of night you wanna have.
Hulu has new docuseries Sasquatch, which starts out as an investigation into a decades-old Northern California murder supposedly committed by Bigfoot and turns into a wild true crime story involving weed farms, hardened criminals, and racism against Latin American migrant workers. It's not a lighthearted romp, though it starts out featuring some fun, larger-than-life characters before focusing on the crime at the center of the story.
But there are also plenty more options on the streaming service if you're looking for more of a good-time giggle-fest than an all-engrossing documentary. And we're not talking about stereotypical stoner comedies, though they have plenty of those, too. We're talking about tributes to friendship among women, absurdist half-hour comedies, batshit procedurals, and feel-good animated family films.
So place your delivery order, slip into some comfies, and click through this gallery of stoner-friendly films and TV shows on Hulu to make sure you have the perfect 4/20.

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