I’m A Celebrity Sommelier & This Is What My Beauty Routine Looks Like In A Week

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Jordan Salcito is a wine industry veteran with over a decade spent working as a sommelier at some of the world’s most storied restaurants. An impassioned entrepreneur, Jordan is also the founder of Drink RAMONA, a beloved line of organic Italian wine and spritzes. In September 2020, Salcito debuted a new podcast series, "Opening Up with Jordan Salcito." This interview was told to Rachel Krause and has been edited for length and clarity.
6:23 a.m.: I am woken up by a child who wants to know if I’ll make him pancakes. Bleary-eyed, I take a sip of water before coming to my senses and sitting upright in bed. We just purchased a stoplight alarm clock for my five-year-old, Henry, but haven’t set it up yet. I’m hopeful that it results in 7 a.m. wake-up calls going forward, and make a mental note to sort that out by the end of day. Meanwhile, I lift Ronan, our 16-month-old, from his crib — he’s awake and saying “more up” in a loud, adorable voice telling me he wants to get out and get on with his day. 
My husband is still sleeping and I don’t want to wake him, so I take the boys to the kitchen and start to make breakfast. Henry and Ronan play with their toys while I start my morning ritual, boiling water in a saucepan with two spoonfuls of Masala Chai from In Pursuit of Tea. Our wonderful nanny, Lhamo, moved in with our family for a few months at the start of the pandemic and this tea became part of our daily routine. I add a spoonful of maple sugar and let this come to a boil before simmering with organic milk. I usually use cow's milk, but today it's water buffalo milk, which I bought because our youngest son loves it and it is higher in protein. It's also just sweet and delicious.
I make the boys oatmeal-banana-ricotta pancake batter in the blender and simmer the pancakes in coconut oil on the stove. For myself, I make green juice out of organic kale, lemon, ginger, cucumber, and apple. I check emails for anything urgent, but my inbox usually doesn’t get my full attention until the boys are out the door.
After breakfast, and after the boys are on their way to Henry’s school, I take 30 minutes for a power Pilates-focused flow workout with Melissa Wood Health. I made a promise to myself in January that I would make time for exercise, even just 15 minutes, six days a week. Her flows are both gentle and difficult, with a grounding spiritual element that fills up my sails for the rest of the day.
9:00 a.m.: I throw a towel over my head and step into a scalding shower to rinse off before starting my day. In the mornings, I love the Isla Beauty Snow Scrub Exfoliator, which I use 3-4 times per week. The texture is fluffy and cloud-like, and it makes my skin tingle in a way that feels delightful. I don’t bother washing my hair today, but I do give my body a good lather with a bar of Soap for Sinners French Green Clay + Lavender. I hop out of the shower and dry off before moisturizing with the Daily Stone by Kate McLeod, a genius cocoa butter-based moisturizing body stone packaged in a sustainably-grown bamboo canister. I’m constantly trying to find ways to eliminate plastic from our home (and our lives) and this checks every box.
I sprinkle Isla Tone Balance Elixir on a reusable cotton round and apply it to my face, then finish with the Isla Face Base Priming Moisturizer before swiping my lips with Beautycounter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick in Orchid. Then I grab a mask and head out the door to the office.
9:30 a.m.: On Tuesday afternoons, I have a standing "hot chocolate date" with my son, Henry, and my colleague, Nicole, at La Mercerie.  Our office is strategically located directly across the street from this jewelbox of a restaurant, which has managed to thrive during COVID because it’s located on a corner and has plenty of both indoor and outdoor space. Our hot chocolate tradition started during a week Henry’s class was quarantining at home, and we had to be out of the apartment for moth treatment. It's become such a hit that Henry counts down to Tuesdays all week long.
As a result, Tuesdays are now an opportunity to wear makeup and get dressed in clothes beyond a sweater and jeans. I pull a blouse from the closet and pair it with a pencil skirt and pumps, then twist my hair into a half-up and secure it with a black oversized Rosie Assoulin bow. I apply Bamford Triple Action Eye Cream under my eyes — the cream is lightweight and very moisturizing, but the true genius is the applicator, which mimics the shape of a pinky finger and is extremely precise yet gentle. I then apply a few drops of Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, which was a gift from a friend a few years ago and also truly revelatory. I pat on Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer and brush a bit of shimmery beige eyeshadow from the Beautycounter Romantic Palette [Ed. Note: discontinued] onto my lids. After a swipe of my go-to sheer lipstick, I’m out the door and on my way.
11:30 p.m.: At night I’ve been treating myself to a full Bamford face cleansing routine, which was a Christmas gift from my parents and is like a warm hug for your face. The Cleansing Balm is magic — it’s essentially a spa session every time you wash your face. The Balancing Tonic is light yet effective and smells wonderful, like tiny white flowers on an alpine hillside in spring. After the tonic, I rub a few drops of the Restore Elixir into my skin and finish with the Bamford Moisturising Cream, which is light and smells faintly of cucumbers. Then I drink a glass of water and down a packet of Yinova Prenatal vitamins, which I started taking while pregnant with Ronan and continue taking because I’m still nursing him (a blessing and a curse, directly related to COVID). Also, they do wonders for my hair and fingernails.
8:30 a.m.: After a glance in the mirror, I know I need to wash my hair, which I usually do 2-3 times a week. In the shower, I lather Kiehl’s Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo into my hair and rinse before adding in the Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil Conditioner. This combination leaves my hair silky, smooth, and easy to brush when I get out of the shower and smelling divine. I discovered it last May during quarantine and have been continuously happy with the results. 
Out of the shower, I towel off and then tuck my wet hair into an Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban, which gently dries and protects hair while I moisturize with my Daily Stone and carry out the rest of my routine. After I remove the towel, I spray a few pumps of R+Co One Prep Spray onto my slightly damp hair and then comb through to eliminate any tangles.
1:00 p.m.: Our Drink RAMONA HQ gets incredibly hot and dry, so in addition to keeping a water bottle close by, I keep hand cream in my purse at all times. There is none better than The Hand Treatment from La Mer. It's a splurge, and one I would not have discovered had it not been for a fermentation collaboration I did with the La Mer team years ago in my role as the Beverage Director at Momofuku. I squeeze a dime-sized amount onto the back of my hand and massage it into my skin. My hands are happier already.
11:55 p.m.: In addition to my Bamford routine, I notice some leftover make-up under my eyes and douse a q-tip with Bioderma Sensibio H2O to remove the residue. I then pump a small amount of Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream onto my ring finger and gently pat under my eyes and onto my cheeks.
12:05 a.m.: I decide to add a Bamford Nourishing Mask into the mix. You can wash it off after 10 minutes, but tonight I leave on a thin layer to reap additional collagen-boosting benefits (and avoid having to squander 10 minutes of time during which I could sleep instead). I sprinkle a few drops of Susanne Kaufmann De-stress Oil onto my palms and gently press the scent onto my wrists as well as my neck before tucking into bed, closing my eyes, and silently repeating a few lines of a meditation mantra before drifting to sleep.
10 a.m.: For me, there is and has always been a direct correlation between my skin and what I’m eating and drinking — I try to eat organic, locally-farmed grains and produce wherever possible. My daytime snacking habits are admittedly grim, but I’m usually on Zooms or in a zone, so I really prioritize morning and evening meals. I’m at RAMONA HQ again and I snack on GG Crackers throughout the day, which are a great source of fiber and taste decent to boot.
5:30 p.m.: I get home and it's time for dinner. Tonight, we’re roasting a chicken. The recipe changes a bit every time, but generally involves an organic, pasture-raised bird that we rinse and pat dry before salting heavily and adding a bunch of herbs, as well as garlic, shallots, potatoes, tomatoes, a bit of butter, and anything else in the fridge that roasts well. Let it hang out at 400 degrees for about an hour and then, when it's resting, drizzle a bit of great quality vinegar which adds a touch of acidity and marvelous balance. (Don't forget to eat the chicken oysters while you're carving the bird; they're the best part!) Then you can use the carcass for bone broth by adding it to a large pot with roughly cut carrots, onions, celery, fennel, ginger, and herbs, covering everything with cold water, and turning on low heat overnight. In the morning, voilà, bone broth for the week — which we all know is great for hair, skin, and nails.
11 a.m.: Earlier this week, I realized my roots were quite overgrown so I made an appointment with Mirian Lima of Fabio Scalia SoHo salon for today. We met right before COVID when I needed an emergency hair appointment before a television appearance a few weeks after my second son was born. Mirian is an absolute force — she’s brilliant with both haircuts and color and she’s lightning-fast. She uses Kérastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner, in addition to Kérastase Mousse Bouffante and a leave-in conditioner spray. I leave with healthy, springy golden locks and a big smile.
6 p.m.: It’s quite lucky that my haircut and color coincide with a night I have plans. On the docket for tonight is outdoor dinner with friends and a rare chance to get dressed up. I start getting ready with lots of Beautycounter. Since it’s Friday night and I’m feeling a little festive, I whip out my NARS eyeliner, which is a no-fail when you want a bit of drama. Dinner is excellent and the company is even better. I get home late and quickly remove my makeup with Bioderma Sensibio H2O, followed by my Bamford evening routine, and call it a night.  
8:00 a.m.: On Saturdays I treat myself to a glorious longer workout with Katie Boren, who is a ballerina and does a fitness class on Zoom. Her workouts are insanely effective, merging cardio and Pilates in a way that leaves me short of breath and feeling six inches taller every time. I shower after my workout, reaching for my tried-and-true Isla exfoliator, Soap for Sinners, and Daily Stone routine before getting ready for the day. 
10:30 a.m.: It’s March in a pandemic and I cannot say I’ve splurged on many professional pedicures the past few months. Today, however, I’ve reached my breaking point and go to a salon near our apartment that feels very COVID-safe, with essentially a vinyl cage for every customer and a cleansing light with UV rays. I get a spa pedicure and choose a dark red Essie color called Fishnet Stockings. I became more selective with my polish before having our second son, as there are so many toxins in some formulas. Deborah Lippmann has a beautiful line of polishes, as does Paintbox.
11:45 a.m.: Feeling a little more fresh and overall brighter, I pick up a turmeric-ginger juice and a GLO from Juice Press on my way home. My husband sneezed earlier, and of course we're all paranoid these days.  
11 p.m.: The day has come and gone, so I wash my face with Isla Snow Scrub for that glorious tingle and follow with Isla toner and moisturizer before drinking a ginger-turmeric herbal tea, doing too many emails, and heading to bed.
12 p.m.: Last night was a tough one as our youngest son refused to sleep and kept pulling on his ear. He’s had a stuffy nose and I'm worried he has his first ear infection, so bedtime was more stressful than usual.
8 p.m.: For dinner we treat ourselves and order from King New York, a restaurant in SoHo. I get lombatello (hangar steak) grilled over rosemary branches with baked borlotti beans and cavolo nero, and a slice of pear galette. After the boys are asleep I pack Henry’s lunch for school and prep some organic fruit and vegetables to make green juice in the morning.
10 p.m.: I treat myself to the ultimate luxury: a bath. I light my MUSE x MUSE 601 Candle and pull out my Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Bath Oil and my dry winter skin soaks in all of the moisture. The woody scent takes me back to my childhood playing around in the mountains of Colorado and I run through some fond memories in my head. Out of the bath, I run Olio e Osso Balm No. 0, which smells of eucalyptus and tingles a bit, along my chapped lips. I dab a bit of Susanne Kaufmann De-stress Oil on my wrists before lying in bed and visualizing the week to come, then falling off to sleep.
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