Demi Lovato Relives The Trauma Of Her Overdose For New Music Video

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy.
Demi Lovato's stunning new music documentary Dancing with the Devil takes fans into the intense series of events that led to her 2018 drug overdose. Her newest single touches on the harrowing moment, but the accompanying music video sees Lovato relive what she considers the darkest time of her life.
When news of Lovato's overdose broke in 2018, the world was stunned to learn that the formerly sober pop star had relapsed after just having celebrated six years of sobriety just weeks before. In the new documentary Dancing with the Devil, we learn that not everything was at it appeared for the the singer during her sobriety; behind the scenes, she was deeply unhappy. Dealing with issues with her body image and her overall mental health, Lovato slowly slid back into drug and alcohol abuse, becoming addicted to heroin until she overdosed on the drug that night.
In her new song, also titled "Dancing with the Devil," Lovato recalls the painful memories the led up to that life-altering life. Exclusive photos shared with Entertainment Weekly reveal that the song will be followed up with a music video, and Lovato is really going there with the visuals. In the images, she's seen recreating the night of the overdose, wearing similar hair, makeup, and clothes to conjure the pain of that night. The video's story will follow Lovato throughout that night, mapping out her dangerous path from the bar to her home to the hospital.
"I was dancing with the devil, out of control," she sings on the emotional new single. "Almost made it to Heaven, it was closer than you know."
The documentary delves deeper into Lovato's difficult physical and emotional recovery process after the near-fatal incident. Getting herself back together after almost dying was beyond difficult — she suffered several strokes, a heart attack, and temporary blindness while in the hospital and even relapsed on heroin once she was released — but she survived the ordeal.
With the release of her documentary and new single, Lovato is hoping that people will understand her journey. It was painful to go through, but the experience shaped her life's trajectory for the better.
Part three of Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil is now available for streaming, only on YouTube.

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