Almost Every Actor In Cherry Is Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Photo: courtesy of Apple TV+
Is AppleTV+'s Cherry a war movie? A heist movie? A psychological journey through the hardships of PTSD? Tom Holland’s latest film actually manages to be all three of those things, giving the Spider-Man actor a chance to flex his acting chops away from a red and blue spandex suit. While the film is directed by the Russo Brothers, who helmed the last two Avengers movies, the movie is a far cry from what we’re use to seeing from the duo and Holland. Cherry is a dive into true, real world consequences when PTSD and addiction collide. 
Cherry, based on the book of the same name by Nico Walker, is a semi-autobiographical tale following Walker returning home from war. Unable to find medical assistance for his PTSD, on a whim he turns to robbing banks. Cherry’s world, and his relationships, are slowly falling apart, but when you’re moving so fast it’s hard to stop sometimes. 
With Holland playing the titular role in the film, the rest of the cast rounds out with a handful of familiar faces playing major and supporting roles alongside him. Pulling from both the big and small screen for the sprawling cast, Cherry also features some comedic actors making very dramatic turns.

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