What Does The Full Moon In Virgo Mean? Use Your Intuition

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It’s good to think about the oppositional nature of a full moon, how it compels us to live one way and feel another. Those born under a full moon know the tension of the transit all too well, how it asks us to consider our context and codependence. A full moon is intuitive and emotional but it isn’t only that. It’s a negotiation between the private self and the self we inhabit in relation to others. A full moon reflects the light of the Sun and in doing so, hides her own dark shape. When the Sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Virgo, the wild emotional nature of the sea’s surface obscures a deeply intricate ecosystem that has its own language and laws.
On the surface, Virgo and Pisces appear rather different. Pisces is known for being a free spirit and sensitive soul, Virgo rumored to be hyper critical and tightly wound. In fact, their apparent opposition is founded on maintaining a private world. Between the two mutable signs, a balance is struck between system and surrender. The deeper you go with them, the harder it is to distinguish which one is more caring, more emotive, more guarded. While Virgo aims to self-protect by making themselves both self-reliant and indispensable socially, Pisces never puts themselves in a social situation that threatens their reputation as flexible and agreeable. To truly know a Pisces is to know the part of them that refuses to compromise their vision, the part that will drown any diver that might compromise the life that exist in their depths. 
Both Virgo and Pisces have a bit of The Magician in them, but while Virgo assembles the tools and texts of the world before them, methodically taking what they need to cast their spell, Pisces makes a clearing in the rubble of the world and calls the knowledge to her from within her. While it’s not always said, it should be noted that both Virgo and Pisces are extremely intuitive. Virgo perceives the signals, Pisces feels them. 
With the Virgo full moon making a flowing trine aspect to Uranus, your intuition—however you access it—will provide key information when what’s already written won’t support you. At the same time, Saturn continues its tense square to Uranus while making a quincunx to the full moon. There’s a desire to bust the frame open, to begin again and differently, but there’s fear too, and self-doubt. When we go beyond the familiar, we must trust in our ability to adapt if things go awry, to self-stabilize. Because the full moon is not a great time to start new things and because the universe is not on our schedule, it’s valuable to take this time to figure out how we can accommodate the unexpected. Are there structures you can put into place in one aspect of your life that will allow you to be more open in another? Is it possible that you are working with limitations or definitions that no longer reflect your actual capacity?
Under the full moon, picture your life as a magician or an alchemist, with all your life’s fundamental elements before you. Note what you instinctively reach for to feel a deeper sense of connection and control and what gets left on the altar when you fill your hands. Is there a way for you to access what you’re looking for in what’s left behind? Use your intuition to shift your approach by reminding yourself, as often as you can, that no decision is final and no book on the matter complete.

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