The Grand Earth Trine Is Almost Here — Get Ready For Everything To Change

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On February 28, three celestial bodies will meet in the sky to form a Grand Earth Trine: the moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Taurus. If it sounds fancy to you, that's because it kind of is — a grand trine is a rare aspect that occurs when three planets are all equidistant from one another, creating an equilateral triangle. Grand trines are often seen as a time of harmony and good fortune. This aspect only happens in one zodiac element at a time, and this weekend's grand trine will occur in grounded, stable earth signs.
"A grand trine represents something different in every element," Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City, tells Refinery29. "In earth signs, it shows growth, creativity, wisdom, pride, and sensuality."
This is a big moment for us to break free from what no longer serves us. Thanks to the powerful full moon in Virgo energy happening the day before this grand trine occurs, this letting go energy is even more potent. Together, these two planetary events are pushing us to move forward and embrace growth. "Pluto wants to rebuild, Mars wants to take action, and the moon is our security," Stardust explains. "So, it’s a time to think about change and growth." Think about where you are in your career and in your relationships — is there anything you want to change, or get better at? The energy of this transit is what will inspire you to bring in the new and start things fresh. Now's the time to commit to making real, tangible change to help things move forward.
"This aspect can really help us center as well as make considerable steps towards a desired goal," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for "Since the zodiac signs involved are very smart at making money, for example, this is a day for asking for a raise or coming up with an ambitious financial plan." You hear her: Open that savings account, set up a meeting with your boss about your compensation, and take control of your situation — the power of this transit is behind you.
The major mistake to avoid making during the Grand Earth Trine this weekend is to ignore it. Letting this energy pass you by may deter your forward progress in the long run, according to Stardust. "The only downfall is that grand trines can become lazy when the energy isn’t applied properly," she says. "They can give up early, as the flow of energy can become hedonistic, indulgent, and selfish." You may feel pulled to lay low and indulge in your sloth, but we're warning you that you'd be missing out on some powerful energy.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer for, agrees, and says that the most important thing to remember about a grand trine is to not take its luck for granted. "If complacency or passiveness occurs, you lose the opportunities for growth and fulfillment of the positive energy the grand trine brings," she warns. So, don't be stagnant. Have a plan of action or list of goals in place this weekend aimed at creating change and fostering meaningful growth.
As we're inching closer to our one year anniversary of the pandemic hitting American soil, we may all be collectively feeling like we've hit a wall. But with the Grand Earth Trine behind us, we'll be strong enough to push through.

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