Is The Weeknd Dating Anyone We Should Look Out For At The Super Bowl?

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While this year's Super Bowl is going to look a little different — far fewer fans in attendance, all of them wearing masks — the Super Bowl halftime show is still going on as usual, and The Weeknd has the 2021 gig. If you're someone who is more into halftime than game time, you might find yourself not asking whether Tom Brady will pull off another championship win, but instead focusing on the big game's pop culture relevance. You know, like whether The Weeknd is dating anyone who might pop up (hopefully in a mask) in the limited crowd. It's only fair to ask! The guy has been in a couple of very high-profile relationships over the years.
Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, has dated both Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, and both relationships are well documented. He dated Hadid in 2015 and 2016, and they attended plenty of events together, including the Met Gala and the Grammys. Those are some big deal affairs for a celeb couple. The Weeknd and Hadid also weren't shy about posting their relationship on social media and she appeared in his music video for "In the Night." But, in November 2016, it was reported that the musician and model broke up.
Then, a few months later in January 2017, The Weeknd began dating Gomez. These two also attended the Met Gala together. were spotted on plenty of dates, and shared their relationship with their millions of fans on Instagram. After about ten months, they split up in October of the same year.
By the spring of 2018, The Weeknd and Hadid were on again. This time, their relationship lasted at least another year. As reported by Elle, in the summer of 2019, multiple sources reported on the couple, saying that they'd either broken up or that they were not yet broken up but were trying to make their relationship work. Either way, it seems like it was around that time that they last split, even though the reconciliation rumors didn't stop.
And that brings us to today. As far as the public knows, The Weeknd is single. There is, of course, the chance that he's playing things way more low-key than he has in the past — which is easier in a pandemic. The only recent rumor about his dating life is that there could be something going on between him and Spanish singer Rosalía. As for the evidence, it's only that they recorded a remix of his song "Blinding Lights" and were touchy-feely in the music video and in some promotional pics. But that's not exactly proof of anything.
Something that might raise to the level of proof is if the Weeknd uses his time on the halftime stage to confirm some until-now super secret relationship. It's a fun thought, but we're guessing he'll probably just put on a really fantastic performance that only slightly pales in comparison to the majesty of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in 2020. But hey, anything could happen. These are the big Super Bowl plays worth hoping for! No offense to Tom Brady.

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