The Bachelor’s Marylynn Is Being Remarkably Kind About The Victoria Drama

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Unfortunately for Bachelor viewers (and contestants), “Queen” Victoria Larson’s reign isn’t over yet. During episode 2, after accusing her castmates of being fake, pushing others aside during a group date, and specifically targeting women of color, Victoria laser-focused her wrath on her roommate, 28-year-old Marylynn Sienna, who she calls rude, toxic, and “psychologically disturbed.” As frustrating as it was to watch Victoria pull out all the stops to get Marylynn eliminated, something positive did come out of the whole ordeal: fans were able to unanimously agree that Marylynn's response to the situation proves she is way too good for this world. Or, at least, too good for the petty drama of The Bachelor.
After the episode aired, Marylynn addressed the feud in an Instagram story. “I just wanted to hop on here and say, let’s be kind today. Let’s cut people some slack, because the environment of the show is very stressful and people have real emotions and feelings when they’re put in that environment,” she wrote, adding that after the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol, kindness is more important than ever. 
“As Victoria had suggested, you know, she and I are very different, and we just had different perspectives of the experience and when you put two different personalities like that together in close proximity, in a stressful environment, there’s bound to be an altercation,” Marylynn continued. “I don’t think that there is really, like, a side to it, and I don’t think anybody is right or wrong.” She also added a longer post about the importance of “understanding, sympathy, and kindness” to her saved Instagram Stories.
It remains unclear why, exactly, Victoria thinks Marylynn is so toxic. Her only tangible complaint is that Marylynn “cries to manipulate situations.” Ironically, Victoria spends the entire evening crying to manipulate a situation; in a confessional interview, she implies that she only wants Marylynn out because she wants her own bedroom. 
On screen, Marylynn handles Victoria’s accusations with an impressive amount of maturity and understanding. She pulls Victoria aside, apologizes for hurting her feelings, and says she’s interested in working through what she perceives to be a misunderstanding. “I accept your apology, but I think that we have very different realities of what occurred,” Victoria responds. She then walks away mid-conversation.
The episode closes before the rose ceremony ends, leaving both Victoria’s and Marylynn’s fates up in the air. But no matter which side Matt takes, Bachelor Nation is firmly on Team Marylynn. “Justice for Marylynn!!” one fan wrote on Twitter. Some viewers noticed that Marylynn barely appears in the promo for episode 3, which might be a sign she isn’t sticking around much longer. And others couldn’t get past Victoria’s declaration that she and Marylynn “are like oil and vinegar.”
At the end of her Instagram video, Marylynn reiterated that she doesn’t harbor any anger towards Victoria. “I just want to make sure that people know that I believe that she is justified in feeling what she did, and again, I’m just promoting love on this platform,” she said. Marylynn doesn't seem ruthless enough to go head-to-head with Victoria, but hey — if taking the high road doesn’t earn her a rose from Matt, it certainly earned her one from Bachelor Nation.

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