Every Song On Dickinson Season 2’s Fantastic Soundtrack

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Tv+.
Now that Apple TV+ series Dickinson is in its second season, we all know the drill. This is one of many shows that mashes up historical fiction with modern-day humor and modern music. So we've catalogued all the indie songs in Dickinson season 2 that you may or may not be inclined declare your new jams.
While the first season of Dickinson was all about Death, the second season is all about Fame — what it is to be somebody rather than nobody. This is fitting, as Emily Dickinson's (Hailee Steinfeld in the series) most famous poem after "Because I could not stop for Death" is "I'm Nobody. Who are you?" She goes back and forth between wanting to be published and wanting to stay anonymous.
What does it mean to seek notoriety? Is it better to ensure your immortality or not be distracted by an audience? What if fame takes Emily's genius away? This is something she struggles with for the entire season. So a lot of the songs reflect that theme.
But, when you're done contemplating immortality, you can head over to Spotify to follow it up with the Dickinson score by Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist. You can also find "Afterlife," the song recorded by Steinfeld last season.
We will update this soundtrack as Apple TV+ drops new episodes.

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