Every Song In Dickinson Is As Modern As Emily Herself

Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+.
From Lizzo to Billie Eilish, Apple TV+'s original series Dickinson casts Emily Dickinson as a 19th century girl with a 21st century soundtrack. Like the series, the songs from of Dickinson put a modern spin on the poet's coming of age. So modern, in fact, that at one point these Amherst, Mass. teens go full-on Euphoria taking opium and twerking to some Drake-approved hip-hop. If it wasn't for the corsets, you might even forget these kids are partying in the 1880s.
What you can't possibly forget, though, is some of Dickinson's music cues. Seriously, Mitski will never quite sound the same after soundtracking the horniest of the horny Emily Dickinson moments — and that's a good thing. Another good thing? Those electro instrumentals from Drum & Lace & Ian Hultquist are available on the official Dickinson season 1 soundtrack. But, for those looking for every other song in Dickinson, we've got you covered.
This list will help you listen to all the female pop songs, hip-hop tracks, and electronic jams that help Emily get one day closer to Death (a blunt smoking Wiz Khalifa) finally stopping for her.

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