The Real People Behind Dickinson’s Fictionalized Literary History

Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+.
You might already know a little bit about famed poet Emily Dickinson, but according to the new Apple TV+ series, Dickinson, you don’t know about her rebellious, scandalous years as a young tween on the 19th-century scene. We certainly know her poetry, but what do we really know about the woman behind these words? Dickinson (and its young cast) looks to explore that, taking some generous liberties with this real-life story, bringing us to a time before Emily was famous (and also, before her early death) to dive into her family relationships, along with romantic and platonic ones. 
Hailee Steinfeld stars as the young writer, but she’s just one in a pretty sizable ensemble cast that bring Emily’s younger years to life. She’s also probably the most familiar face right off the top of your head, considering that it seems that she’s been everywhere recently in a few different franchises (with more to come).
If you’re looking for a who’s who of the Dickinson cast, we’ve got that right here along with a little bit more about each character too — so just be wary of spoilers if you don’t want to know what happens to Emily, her friends, and her family throughout the late 1800s.  

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