The Stars Of Netflix’s Bling Empire Are Just As Glamorous Off-Camera

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians and Jon M. Chu's stunning film adaptation, we were introduced to a fabulous world of wealth and intrigue. From private jets to billion dollar wedding ceremonies, it all seemed to good to be true, but Netflix's Bling Empire confirms that there are people living that large in real life.
The brand new reality series, which hit the streaming service today, follows the daily lives of a tight knit and very exclusive Asian community in the heart of Los Angeles. Filthy rich and not ashamed to flaunt it, each episode of Bling Empire sees its stars living their best lives, including, but not limited to throwing extravagant parties, jet setting around the world, and shopping at a whim. But all that glitters is not gold, not even for the one percent. The show also offers a candid glimpse into the personal problems of this circle of friends.
If you're already fully obsessed with the cast of Bling Empire, you're not alone — I need a second season! But until we're reunited with these crazy rich Asians (and Kevin), here's how you can keep up with the gang on social media.

Kevin Taejin Kreider

In this world, professional model Kevin Kreider serves as our reliable narrator and introduction into the exclusive circle of the Bling Empire. Born in South Korea but raised in Philadelphia by his adopted parents (who are white), season one of the Netflix reality series sees Kevin gathering the courage to connect with his roots as he navigates the tight knit L.A. community.
(Oh, did I mention that he's fine as hell, too? Because he is. You see the material.)

Kane Lim

Kane Lin is a billionaire (yes, billionaire) born into a family of wealthy Singapore entrepreneurs who have their hands in oil, shipping, tanking, and real estate. But Kane's has earned some of his riches, too. When he was 17, his dad gave him a five-figure loan to invest in stocks, and Kane paid it all back and then some, earning his very first million. Following in the footsteps of his father, Kane is also working on establishing himself in L.A.'s real estate scene.

Christine Chiu

Known throughout Beverly Hills for throwing killer parties and generally being fabulous, Christine Chiu is a socialite, collector of couture, and philanthropist. She splits her time between shopping, raising her son Baby G, and running the super popular Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery practice alongside her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu (an alleged 24th generation direct descendant of the Song dynasty). But Christine's life isn't all diamonds and Chanel; season one of Bling Empire follows an intense struggle with her fertility and living up to the conservative Chinese values of her husband's family. (And beefing with Anna Shay.)

Anna Shay

Every reality series needs an HBIC, and Bling Empire has found one in the ridiculously wealthy Anna Shay. The heiress to a huge fortune (Anna is the daughter of the CEO of defense services contractor Pacific Architects and Engineers), her only job is being rich, and she's very, very good at it. Her heart for the people around her is as big as her bank account. From her son Kenny Kemp to her closest friends, Anna spares no expense when it comes to making her loved ones happy.
But watch out — if you cross Anna, you'll regret it. Just ask Christine.

Kelly Mi Li

Kelly Mi Li works as a production company executive, and business is booming even mid-pandemic; projects that she's worked on include the Netflix series Cypher and the action film Echo Boomers (starring Michael Shannon and Patrick Schwarzneggar). Unfortunately, her thriving career is eclipsed by the perpetual drama going on in her love life.
Kelly's ex-husband was indicted as part of a multi-million dollar "auto-subscribing" scam, landing him in jail and leading to his divorce from the media professional. In season one of Bling Empire, Kelly has found love again with actor Andrew Gray, but trouble isn't too far behind.

Andrew Gray

You might have seen Andrew Gray on TV before, but you probably didn't know it; the 33-year-old starred in Nickelodeon's Power Rangers Megaforce series as the Red Power Ranger. His IMDb page also shows that worked alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2019 war film Shadow Wolves and is wrapping up a short film that he produced called Spilt Milk.

Kim Lee

Described by her cast mates as the "Asian Calvin Harris," Kim Lee is a premier DJ and lowkey the most famous cast member of Bling Empire. When she's not spinning tunes for crowds of thousands around the world, Kim dabbles here and there in acting (Entourage, The Hangover II) and modeling (L’Officiel India, Wonderland, ELLE, and more).

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