Want Matt James Bachelor Spoilers? You’ll Have To Work For Them

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
There are two types of Bachelor viewers. Some fans prefer to go in knowing nothing; others scour Instagram, Reddit, and blogs like Reality Steve for spoilers, hints, and Bachelor promo breakdowns. I admittedly belong to the second camp, and if you do, too, you might be frustrated to learn that Reality Steve (real name Steve Carbone) won’t offer week-by-week spoilers for the second season in a row — and he also doesn’t know which contestant wins Matt James’ final rose. But that’s not to say we know nothing.
Unsurprisingly, it’s harder than ever to find Bachelor spoilers. The season was filmed in a COVID-safe bubble, meaning fewer people than ever witnessed the group dates, “hometown” visits, and one-on-ones. In the past, onlookers have leaked photos and videos of hometown dates, but because this season’s family visits happen at the new Bachelor HQ (that is, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort), Matt’s top four hasn’t been as easy to predict.
Carbone has also been much more hesitant to confirm any rumors or speculation. Ahead of Tayshia Adams’ recent Bachelorette season, he correctly identified her final four contenders, runner-up, and winner — but he also reported that the season wouldn’t end with an engagement, which turned out to be false. This time around, he hasn’t ascertained a clear winner or runner-up, but did share the names of three women who allegedly make it into Matt’s final four. (You can check out Carbone’s predictions here.)
He shared a few other tidbits of intel, too, including the names of the contestant who supposedly nabs Matt’s first impression rose, the women who could get embroiled in the most drama, and the late arrivals. Most of this is unconfirmed, but we do know that contestants like Michelle Young and Kim Li join the cast later on: they appear in several promos, though their names and bios aren’t yet published on ABC’s website. 
Instagram sleuths have also been working overtime to piece together predictions based on Matt’s season preview and even his family’s activity on social media. One popular detective, who goes by the name @mattchelor_nation, analyzed audio snippets and clips from various trailers to predict potential spoilers, including an elimination and an early one-on-one date. Another user, @bachelor_addict, seemingly identified the faceless woman seen kissing Matt in a bed. Carbone also guessed that the same contestant makes it into the final four, so the clip could be footage from a fantasy suite date. 
Though this could mean anything, fans on Reddit also claim that Matt’s mother purportedly followed and then unfollowed a rumored frontrunner. For what it’s worth, Carbone says that “signs are pointing” to the same winner, but he acknowledged that these same kinds of signs, apparently, also pointed to Madison Prewett as the winner of Peter Weber’s season. For those who didn’t watch or can't remember the beginning of 2020: Madison self-eliminated before the finale, and Peter proposed to his other finalist... only to get back together with Madison during the live finale and break up days later.
This season’s spoilers are murky, but there are several ways to stay up to date with new rumors and revelations as Matt’s Bachelor journey progresses. As he’s done prior seasons, Carbone will likely share any updated leaks to his website, Instagram, and Twitter. Previews, though sometimes deceptive, can also hint at the contestants who make it to hometowns and fantasy suites. 
And during this weird, socially isolated era of The Bachelor, some of the best spoilers might come from the leads and contestants themselves. Weeks before Tayshia’s finale, Ellen DeGeneres asked which of her contestants best fit the description of “husband material,” and she barely hesitated before naming Zac. Both Tayshia and Clare Crawley were also spotted wearing engagement rings before their proposals aired. Until someone slips up, though, just keep your eyes peeled for a frontrunner edit. You’ll know it when you see it — trust me.

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