The 10 Bachelorette Guys Most Likely To Go To Paradise

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
In recent years, it hasn't been all that difficult to predict which Bachelor and Bachelorette alums we'll see on Bachelor in Paradise. If you're a villain (of the Jordan Kimball variety, not so much the Luke P. one), you're in. If you're someone who speaks their mind (again, not in the Luke P. kind of way), you're also in. Shoo-ins also include memorable night one eliminations, fan favorites, and contestants who seem to thrive in the Bachelor world of influencer gigs and Stagecoach hook-ups.
Next year's season, though, might be a little less predictable. Producers will have to build a cast out of an abnormally large pool of contestants from four seasons. In case you can't keep track, that's people from Peter's season, Tayshia's season, Matt's season, and the next season of The Bachelorette. There's also a possibility they'll bring back some contestants from The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.
"Obviously, we didn’t shoot last summer, so now we are going to have multiple seasons," Chris Harrison told Us Weekly. "It’s going to be a murderers’ row of choices of people. And I mean, I hate to say this, but there’s going to be people left on the bench that we love, just because you can only have so many people on that beach."
Still, there are some men from this season who seem like inevitable picks. Based on very scientific evidence including social media reactions, Men Tell All hints, and Instagram posts, here are the guys who feel most destined for Paradise.

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