Your Horoscope This Week

As the week begins, focus on simplicity. On Sunday, messenger Mercury forms a troublesome square against dreamy Neptune, setting the stage for misunderstandings. So it’s best to stick to the basics when communicating with others. We’ll also want to take new information with a grain of salt, as we're more apt to believe tall tales.
The final Solar Eclipse of 2020 occurs on Monday in dynamic Sagittarius, hitting its peak at around 11:15 a.m. EST. Solar eclipses always coincide with new moons, and this Eclipse is supported by a conjunction with intelligent Mercury and a trine with ambitious Mars. As a result, this super-charged lunar cycle will help us create powerful new goals to guide us into the New Year. 
Also on Monday, beauty-loving Venus creates a sextile with lucky Jupiter. It's fun to get dressed up, socialize, and flirt under this confidence-boosting transit — but we’ll need to watch out for over-indulgent behavior. Meanwhile, chatty Mercury’s trine with fiery Mars encourages us to get straight to the point. We can use this transit to ask for what we want, and make our voices heard.
Love-minded Venus speeds into honest Sagittarius on Tuesday, empowering us to go after our desires. We might feel compelled to lay out our feelings to a new boo, or get real with our long-term partner. Sweet Venus also creates a sextile with rule-making Saturn, encouraging us to look for a meaningful connection and to follow the golden rule for dealing with others' emotions.
On Thursday, we're given an extraordinary chance to build powerful new structures as disciplined Saturn enters future-minded Aquarius, where it will stay for three full years. Together, we can embrace a spirit of teamwork that allows us to help humanity thrive.
Lucky Jupiter makes his way into forward-thinking Aquarius on Saturday. The planet of luck stays in the sign of the water bearer until December 30, 2021, and during this time we’ll be inspired to help each other out and move away from selfish thinking. Use this transit to open your mind and let go of old concepts of success. The ego-ruling Sun forms a conjunction with witty Mercury on Saturday as well, lightening the atmosphere and making it easy for us to get things done. Remember to relax and smell the roses during this buzzy transit.

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