All The Fairy Godmothers & Regular Humans In The Godmothered Cast

Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.
Have you watched Enchanted so many times you can't possibly listen to another note? Don't fear — Disney+'s new movie Godmothered takes a new page out of fantasy tales, and with an unexpectedly familiar cast to boot.
Godmothered focuses on Eleanor, the youngest trainee at The Motherland, an institute that teaches its students how to become fairy godmothers. The "formula," however, isn't working, and headmistress Moira wants to teach everyone how to become tooth fairies instead. Eleanor is still determined to be a fairy godmother despite her lack of skills and gives herself an extremely late assignment: give Mackenzie, a woman in Boston who wrote a letter as a young girl asking for help, a happily ever after.
The holiday-slash-fairytale movie features faces we've seen time and time again, even if we didn't realize it, from Brittany Runs a Marathon's Jillian Bell to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Thrown in the mix is a comedy legend (the one and only Jane Curtin), an all-around legend (June Squibb), and a very familiar face: Isla Fisher.
Read on to see who's who in Godmothered before sending a fairy godmother a wish of your own.

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