This Is How Much The Below Deck Cast Makes In A Season

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If escapist tropical content is your thing, then you're probably ready to dive into another season with Captain Lee as he drives a giant boat all over the Caribbean. Though the trailer teases that COVID will hit at some point in the season, for the most part, this season of Below Deck will feature what every other season has featured: rich people asking for ridiculous things, beautiful blue waters, and just so much crew drama. Personally, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this Captain Lee-helmed season (though, I am a Sandy stan at heart) and pretend I'm sliding down the annoying water slide that will most definitely cause tension between the crewmates. And, of course, I'm thrilled for another season of tip meetings and gawking at how much money passengers spend in such a short period of time. Ahead, we investigate just how much the cast of Below Deck makes.

What Are The Below Deck Crew Salaries?

While we can't say for sure what the actual Below Deck crew make, we can make some educated guesses based on average superyacht crew salary and average tip per the show. We're also going to assume that the cast gets some kind of appearance fee for being on the Bravo series.
According to my extensive YouTube searching and Crewfinder International, for a Below Deck-sized superyacht (this season's yacht, My Seanna, clocks in at 185 feet), a second and third steward(ess) would make about $5,000 a month, a chief steward(ess) would make $5,500-$6,000 a month, and a chef would make $7,000-$10,000 a month, depending on experience and training. In terms of the exterior, a deckhand would make $3,500-$4,500 a month and a bosun would make $5,000 a month. This is before tip, which across the Below Deck seasons averages $15,000 a person for about six weeks of work. So a third stew could easily come away with $22,500 after a month and a half. Not too shabby.
Now, the Below Deck cast doesn't work an entire yachting season, which is actually between four and five months, so it is completely possible that the crew moves on to their next boat and makes even more money throughout the season.

What Is Captain Lee's Salary?

While this isn't actually disclosed by Bravo or Captain Lee himself, Crewfinder International estimates that a captain of a 185-foot superyacht makes between $150-$210,000 a year, assuming he or she works the full year. This is also before tip, which could add $100,000 on top of that salary if he or she works charters the full year. Wowza, time to get into yachting.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Below Deck Yacht?

This year's superyacht is big, even in the superyacht world. At 185 feet, My Seanna, sleeps 12 guests and 12 crew members. The yacht has its own gym and sauna, movie theater, deck jacuzzi, every water toy you could imagine, and helipad. While the Below Deck guests usually only charter the yachts for three or four days (and therefore pay about half the normal price), pricing is usually based on a per week schedule. If you want to charter My Seanna, you'll have to hand over a mere $395,000 for the week. This is, of course, not including tip, tax, and fees. Needless to say, this is going to be one bougie season and I cannot wait.

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