The Christmas Chronicles 2 Is Like The Avengers With An Adorable Celebrity Couple

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you don't think true love exists, then you haven't heard of The Christmas Chronicles, and the fact that real-life, ionic couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are staring in a sequel together as other iconic couple Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Yes, it's adorable. Yes, it also looks like a Pantene commercial.
In the original 2018 Netflix Christmas movie, Santa sleigh crashes on Earth and he enlists help from siblings and Teddy (Judah Lewis) and Kate (Big Little Lies' Darby Camp) to get back to the North Pole. In the final scene, Hawn was revealed as Mrs. Claus, and The Christmas Chronicles 2 picks up right where we left off.
In the newly released trailer, Kate is back in the North Pole two years later with the son (Jahzir Bruno) of her mom’s new boyfriend (Tyrese Gibson). The two team up Avengers-style with the Clauses (seriously, there seems to be a lot of Christmasy action) to save the North Pole and Santa's Village from the plotting Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), who wants to destroy Christmas forever.
Hawn and Russell have been together for 37 years and have acted together a few times (most notably in 1987's Overboard), but this will be the first time the two have been co-leads in 30 years.
And if that doesn't warm your Grinch heart, director Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Home Alone) told People last year that they've been having a ton of fun on set together.
“There’s a tremendous amount of respect there and a tremendous amount of love and trust, partially because they’ve been together for so long,” Columbus said. “They just get along beautifully.”
Watch the trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2, available on November 25 on Netflix.

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