The Julie And The Phantoms Cast Are Singers & Musicians IRL, Too

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's new musical show Julie and the Phantoms is pretty much High School Musical but with ghosts. (Both were directed and produced by Kenny Ortega, so that tracks.) And since Julie and the Phantoms is a musical, the cast is made up of talented singers, musicians, or dancers in their own right. Even some of the characters who don't get big singing scenes in the first season have the off screen talent to do so — you know, if the show gets picked up for a second season.
The plot of the series, which is based on the Brazilian show Julie e os Fantasmas, is pretty out there. High school student Julie (Madison Reyes) accidentally summons the ghosts of three teenage boys from the '90s. They were in the rock band Sunset Curve, and they died before they got to really make it in the industry. By teaming up with Julie, the ghosts finally get their chance at the big time — because, for some reason, everyone can see them when they play music.
Fans can see all of the show's stars play music IRL, too, with most of the cast's Instagrams featuring videos of their various vocal and instrumental talents.

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