Netflix’s New Rom-Com Makes A Good Case Against Dating Apps

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
New Netflix offering Love Guaranteed joins the zeitgeist of workplace romance comedies, exploring the odd love story between an unlikely pair: a hapless-in-love man and the attorney he hires to sue the popular dating app that has failed to help him find the proverbial one.
The original movie stars Rachel Leigh Cook as Susan, an ambitious lawyer at a small firm that’s hit a rough patch. Just when the firm considers closing its doors for good, in walks Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.). Though he’s offering Susan and her team a lot of money to take him on as a client, Nick has an unusual case; after almost a thousand failed dates on the Love Guaranteed app, he wants to sue the company for false advertising.
Together, the duo takes on the woman responsible for the failed dating app, billionaire Tamara Taylor (Heather Graham). But as they work together on the case, Nick and Susan realize that their working relationship has the capacity to be so much more.
"It's not a risk to fall in love," says Nick, eyes glued to Susan. "It's a risk not to."
Finding "the one" on a dating app isn't guaranteed — been there, done that, babes — but one thing is for sure: this movie is exactly the kind of cheesy rom-com you want to add to your Netflix queue.
Love Guaranteed hits Netflix on September 3. Check out its adorable trailer below:

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