NBC’s New Streaming Service Peacock Actually Has Some Decent Movies, Too

Photo: Suzanne Hanover/Universal/Kobal/Shutterstock.
The streaming wars are officially on. NBCUniversal launches its new streaming service, Peacock, on July 15. Peacock has over 15,000 hours of content including a library of NBC series (hi, every episode of SNL ever), news, sports, late-night, reality TV, and original series. And, like any streaming service with a massive company backing it, a massive library of critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies.
Before adding yet another app to your streaming regimine, you probably need to know what movies are actually on Peacock. Luckily, the platform isn't just the new home of every season of The Office: It's launching with is a pretty solid mix of hilarious comedies, sweet rom-coms, serious dramas, family movies, classic films, and everything in between.
And while it doesn't have every Marvel movie or the whole Harry Potter series, it's got one major thing going for it: Peacock has a free option. Unlike its recent competitors — including Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Quibi — Peacock has a free, ad-supported tier that includes over 7,500 hours of movies, shows, and live TV. To get the full library, however, users will have to upgrade to the next tier, Peacock Premium, which includes the full library, but is ad-supported for $49.99 a year (about $4 a month). To skip the ads, users will have to spring for the highest tier, Premium Ad-Free for $99.99 a year (about $8 a month).
Keep that in mind as you scroll through the best movies (in our humble opinion) on Peacock — some of these hits will definitely require an upgraded account, but some of them just might be worth it.