Cher’s House From Clueless Is Worth Around $5.7 Million IRL

Photo: Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock.
Sunday marks 25 years since the cult-favorite film Clueless was released. That makes it the ideal time for your zillionth re-watch so you can yet again bask in the hilarity of Cher's one-liners, admire her enviable wardrobe, and of course, take another tour of her Beverly Hills mansion.
Clueless fans will never forget that home's stunning entrance way where Cher and Josh finally kissed at the end of the film. Or the chef-grade oven that our heroine popped an entire in-tact roll of cookie dough into when trying to impress Christian. Or the impressive swimming pool complete with stone waterfall upon which Cher and her gang of super-cool girlfriends lounged during the movie's iconic opening montage set to The Muffs' "Kids In America." Thinking back on that immaculate home, it becomes pretty clear, there's no way every one of those impressive elements was built on a soundstage. No, Cher Horowitz's home really exists and according to Zillow, its estimated worth in 2020 is around $5.7 million.
Cher's identity as a teen growing up in Beverly Hills is central to the plot of the film, but in real life, the house that served as her home is located in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to IMDb. Per information listed on Zillow, the 9,441-square-foot house has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. No word on if there's actually a computerized closet that rotates your clothing options based on what outfit you decide on. The Encino home was built in 1993, which means it was fairly new when Clueless was shot there. The fresh design only added to our envy when we first watched the film.
25 years after being used as one of the most important filming locations in Clueless, the property is still listed by Malibu Locations. There, you can browse up-close images of the home you've already spent dozens of hours of your life looking at on your TV screen and discover new features you never knew the famous home was offering. Seems like a pretty good way to celebrate Clueless' 25th anniversary.

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