Warrior Nun’s Filming Locations Throughout Spain Will Make A Great Travel Itinerary… Someday

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If you start watching Netflix’s Warrior Nun for the breathtaking scenery, you’re doing something right. The new series is set against the backdrop of the Catholic Church in Spain meaning that we are getting some hauntingly gorgeous looks at different cathedrals and churches, along with the sunny coast of Spain. The series is set in Andalusia, Spain, and actually filmed on location in Andalusia, Spain, and after watching Warrior Nun you just might have dreams of booking your next vacation (hey, we can still hope for the future, right?) for — you guessed it — Andalusia, Spain. 
The show isn’t all seaside cliffs, courtyards, and breathtaking pools, though. Warrior Nun tells the story of Ava (Alba Baptista) who dies, and when she comes to she suddenly has a holy relic in her back — or an actual “halo.” Whether she likes it or not, she’s now part of the Order of the Cruciform Sword and is tasked to help fight off the oncoming demons. It takes a lot of convincing for Ava to go along with any of this, but as she learns throughout the series she’s much stronger than she initially realized. 
While this certainly sounds like a show fit for globetrotting, just about all the action takes place in and around the same locations in Spain. Here are just some locations you’re going to want to add to your list of travel destinations whenever we can start traveling again. In the meantime, enjoy traveling vicariously through Ava's adventures.

Marbella Club Hotel & Villa del Mar

If you’re looking to stay in luxury just like JC (Emilio Sakraya) and his friends, you’re in luck, because you can stay at their “squatters” location, too. The pool that Ava falls into in the very first episode is located at the Marbella Club Hotel, with some interior scenes being shot at the hotel’s Villa del Mar. More than likely, booking the Villa does not also include the packed wardrobes. 

The Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María La Mayor In Antequera

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Maybe one of the best lines in the series is said here in the courtyard, where Ava notes that all the “cake toppers” look like Father Vincent (Tristan Ulloa) — she’s referring to the statues, of course. There are none for the nuns like her, including the original Areala. The courtyard of the church is featured in just about every episode, including the nun’s dramatic getaway in episode 7. 

Many interior scenes were also shot inside of the church after it received a major re-dress and quickly became the headquarters for the Order. Locations like Father Vincent's and that spot where Ava accidentally gets her foot stuck inside the wall were also constructed inside the church.

Málaga, Spain

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Just about every outside establishing location shot in Warrior Nun that features the ocean, the beach, or both is a view of Málaga, Spain. Nestled right on the ocean, the city has a long, winding boardwalk, a port, and even a cute little lighthouse. Additionally, Ava and JC leave out of the Port of Málaga on the ferry. The port is also the location of Lilith (Lorena Andrea) and Mary’s (Toya Turner) fight in episode 5. 

Plaza de Iglesia In Marbella

Wondering about the exterior plaza scenes in Marbella? They’re all shot (from different angles) in and around the Plaza de Iglesia, one of the highlights of the old Spanish town. 

The Village Of Ronda

In episode 6, Ava and Mary come across Ronda and are immediately taken aback by its beauty. The city is literally built on top of a giant cliff, with a gorgeous stone bridge (Puente Nuevo) dramatically linking the side from one side to the other. The two spend a lot of time wandering around the city, talking about how to fight the oncoming demons, and honestly, it’s hard to pay attention considering the stunning backdrop. Additionally, the church used in this episode is Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor, which was originally built in the 14th century as a mosque. 

Plaza del Portichuelo In Antequera

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The church that Ava and Mary visit in episode 6 is not actually located in Ronda, like every other location in the rest of the episode. Rather, they’re at the Plaza del Portichuelo in Antequera, where they're stepping inside the Chapel of the Virgen del Socorro. And since you're probably not an expert in Spanish geography, that places this location about an hour and a half east of Ronda.

The Alcazaba In Antequera

Wondering where the Order of the Cruciform Sword trains? Some of it takes place in the courtyard of this Moorish 14th-century fortress, better known as The Alcazaba

Royal Alcázar of Seville

If this location looks and sounds familiar it’s because maybe you recognize it as Dorne, the home of the Sand Snakes in Game of Thrones. But Warrior Nun didn’t take to any of the lush gardens for filming, sticking with interiors instead. The crypt scenes (that are supposed to be part of the Vatican in the series) in episodes 9 and 10 were filmed here.  

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