Animal Crossing’s Summer Update Is Coming Soon

Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo.
This summer is already looking different from those of the past for so many reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic has made trips to public pools a little more complicated, and some will be skipping long days on the beach altogether. With Animal Crossing: New Horizon's upcoming update, though, players will soon be able to enjoy one of their favorite summertime activities virtually.
On July 3, what's cleverly being called "Wave 1" of New Horizons' Summer Update will be available for free. This update will allow Animal Crossing players to dive and swim in the ocean surrounding their islands.
Instead of only being able to catch ocean creatures with your fishing pole, this update lets players jump into the water, swim around, and dive to discover new wildlife that they can then donate to Blathers at the museum, sell, display, or share. In Nintendo's official trailer of the update, we see a sea star, sea anemone, spotted garden eel, and scallop being collected.
In addition to uncovering new creatures, swimming in the ocean will also open up opportunities for encounters with a brand new character named Pascal and to create mermaid-themed furniture with your ocean findings.
To keep you busy throughout this summer that will likely mostly be spent inside, Wave 2 of the Summer Update will hit the game in early August. That's almost enough to make us feel better about not getting to spend summertime in the water IRL.
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