How To Get Free Panera Coffee Through Labor Day

Photo: Courtesy of Panera.
Any old-school financial advisor will blame the state of your personal finances on your coffee intake before realizing that the economy might be past the point of redemption. That is probably why when we think about coffee, we don't just think about work and productivity, but we also think about money. Any coffee order, whether it's iced or hot, can be reduced to its net impact on your bank account. Today, however, Panera announced a way that you can avoid fretting about your finances every time you order a coffee.
If you sign up for a Panera coffee subscription between now and July 4, you can go to any location of the chain and claim a free coffee, without purchase. Your $8.99 a month subscription fee will be waived until September 7. So you can get free coffee (hot or iced) and free tea through Labor Day.
First, create a MyPanera account. Then, enroll in the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, an unlimited coffee plan that costs $8.99 a month. Again, you won't have to pay for your subscription until after Labor Day.
Earlier this year, Panera debuted its coffee subscription program, where less than $9 a month afforded you all the tea and coffee you could ever want, with whichever milk or nondairy milk you wanted. This makes posting up at a Panera working all day, doing group projects, or waiting for a ride a less costly situation. Now, you can use the subscription, with its postponed cost, through Panera's newly offered curbside pickup as well.
For some of you, your local coffee shop might already have a similar subscription plan. And if you are a regular coffee shop customer, it might be worth doing some research on local and Black-owned coffee shops, either near your home or workplace to subscribe to. That way, you can turn a regular expense into an intentional and productive act. But while we work on our relationship to both money and coffee, here is a deal that might help ease some of the tension.

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