Mercury Is In Cancer. Grab The Tissues

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Chatty Mercury officially enters intuitive Cancer on May 28, and you might want to stock up on tissues. The messenger planet will be spending an unusual amount of time in the emotional sign of Cancer this year — like, almost four times longer than usual.
Normally, Mercury hangs out in each sign for about 17 days. But on June 18, the planet of communication goes retrograde. As a result, it'll stick around in Cancer until August 5, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and And while Mercury is in Cancer, you'll be in your feelings.
"Cancer is one of the most sensitive, psychic, and emotional signs of the zodiac," Montúfar says. "When communication planet Mercury enters it, our exchanges become more connected and influenced by our feelings."
"Cancer is what we call a 'mute' sign," adds astrologer Lisa Stardust. "The water sign is unable to speak its sentiments. It leans into emotions and intuition, not words."
This energy could help you strengthen your bond with your loved ones and yourself. "This transit gives us the opportunity to get in touch with our intuition as we learn to communicate in a more empathic, sympathetic way," explains Montúfar.
But it could also set the stage for crossed wires. Stardust says that when Mercury is in Cancer, you're so plugged in that you may expect others to understand how you feel on an intuitive level — which can be problematic, when others have trouble reading your mind. Practice saying how you feel out loud, and try not to take misunderstandings too personally.
Flag July 8 and July 27. Those will be two of the most difficult days of the transit, says Montúfar, as Mercury "forms two angry squares with warrior planet Mars, releasing anger and pent-up energy." Knowing you could be feeling a little hot under the collar on these days might encourage you to slow down. Spend a little extra time on self-care, and make a point of thinking before you react.
"Mercury in Cancer will be most comfortable for water and earth signs, and it will be more difficult for those born under fire signs," explains Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — we're looking at you. These next several months will challenge you to learn to react less emotionally and more logically. You might slip up, but there's the potential for long-term growth.
Don't worry, there are bright spots too. The most positive days of this transit are June 5, June 30, and July 22, Montúfar says. "These dates are when Mercury will form opportune sextiles with Uranus, bringing creativity and the ability to channel a genius-like energy," she says. Use this time to brainstorm and work on passion projects. You may be surprised by your own abilities.
"Perhaps the luckiest day is July 30, when Mercury will oppose Jupiter in Capricorn to deliver all kinds of fortunate and maybe even unexpected gifts in the form of messages," Montúfar adds. Mark your calendars and keep your ears and eyes open — you won't want to miss a thing.

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