Drake Speaks Up About That Kylie Jenner Reference In His Unreleased Song

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Updated May 22, 2020: The 6 God has shared an explanation for that problematic Kylie Jenner lyric. Well, kind of.
Drake logged on to his Instagram to discuss the unreleased song that disrespectfully made reference to the Kylie Cosmetics CEO as a "side piece," saying that it should never have been played on the livestream.
"It's a song that leaked 3 years ago and got scrapped shortly after," Drake wrote of the track on his IG story. "[Mark] was just going too deep in the drake/future catalogue. Last thing I'd want to do is wake up having any friends of mine feeling disrespected so I just had to stay that to start off the day."
Well then. Not exactly an apology, but I guess.
This story was originally written on May 21, 2020.
Remember when Kylie Jenner and Drake were rumored to have been in a romantic relationship years ago? Well, it looks like that rumor was actually a reality — at least, according to an unreleased song. 
Drake thrilled fans with a surprise appearance on Instagram live, popping into the livestream of his close friend and OVO comrade Mark Robinson. During the impromptu streaming session, the Canadian rapper talked about his latest mixtape, the Dark Lane Demo, and even shared some unreleased tracks for eager listeners. One of the songs, a collaboration with Future, made a throwaway reference to Drake’s rumored fling with Jenner.
“Yeah, I’m a hater to society,” rapped Drake on the unnamed track. “Real shit, Kylie Jenner that’s a side piece. Yeah, I got 20 motherfuckin’ Kylies.”
Besides being inherently misogynistic — deep sigh — the lyric is interesting because it seems to confirm the gossip that circulated about Drake and the Kylie Cosmetics CEO circa 2019. The stars were linked last November after a source told People that they were kicking it “romantically” following Jenner’s split from Travis Scott.
“He and Kylie have been spending time together recently," the source said of Drake’s ties to the influencer. "They’ve been friends for a long time and Drake is very close to the family."
Drake’s loose confirmation of some kind of loveline with Jenner is awkward for a number of reasons, mainly his long-standing relationship with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child. Scott and Drake have been friends and collaborators for years, and depending on when the “No Guidance” rapper connected with Jenner, things could get sticky between the two friends — especially since Jenner and Scott have had an off-on relationship since they first called it quits last year.
The preview of the unreleased song could also stir up the old rivalry between Drake and Jenner’s brother-in-law Kanye West. The rappers were initially feuding over a number of things (mostly West’s involvement in Drake’s tension with Pusha T), and the issue blew up to be one of the biggest modern beefs in rap music. West is on a totally different wavelength these days — he’s saved now, remember? — but the news that Drake referred to his sister-in-law as a “side piece” might drudge up those bad vibes once more. 
Whether the rumors are true or not, the bigger point here is that Drake is absolutely the type to kiss and tell without thinking twice about it. Ladies, beware. 

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