The Person Who Won The Masked Singer Also Broke A Record While They Were At It

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Warning: Spoilers for The Masked Singer are ahead.
After watching about a million contestants perform on the third season of The Masked Singer (there were actually only 18), the competition show finally narrowed down the remaining contestants so that there was only one masked celeb remaining. Night Angel won The Masked Singer, as the last woman standing after Turtle and Frog were eliminated. This makes her the first female winner of The Masked Singer after T-Pain and Wayne Brady won the first and second seasons, respectively. 
If you have been tuning in to After the Mask (the show’s official aftershow) the Night Angel’s win was a little expected because panelist Jenny McCarthy and other guests had repeatedly stressed how talented Night Angel is and how it was time for the show to have a female winner.
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McCarthy had a great finale night because her winner pick came true and her guess (and my theory) was correct. After weeks of name being suggested by the panel, Night Angel took off her mask to reveal The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Xscape singer, and songwriter Kandi Burruss was in the costume all season long. Now that Burruss has won The Masked Singer, let’s look at all the clues you missed this season if you were totally shocked by her reveal.

Kandi Burruss' Song "4, 5, 6" & Destiny's Child Connection

Way back in the Night Angel’s first clue package, she dropped some major hints about her identity. She walked into different motel rooms that were numbered 4, 5, and 6. Burruss was featured on a song in 1999 called “4, 5, 6.” The set ups in each room were also giveaways to Burruss being the Night Angel. The first room had three agents with duck bills which connects to the Destiny’s Child song “Bill, Bills, Bills” that Burruss helped write.

The Old Lady Gang Clue

Also in the motel scene, one room had a group of older ladies. The panel was finally able to piece this clue together after a few weeks. Burruss owns a restaurant called Old Lady Gang, hence the group of older women with baseball bats. 

“Other Angels” Aka The Xscape Clue

Burruss first gained music success as a member of the band Xscape. Night Angel mentioned in her second clue package that she performed with “other angels” and she also stressed how being on the show was helping her regain confidence. This was a clear sign that the Night Angel was someone who had experience performing and had been in a group before. After Xscape took a hiatus in 1998, Burruss tried to go solo but her album didn’t chart well which connects to the lack of confidence the Night Angel spoke about.

The Clue That Referenced Real Housewives Of Atlanta

There weren’t too many clues that connected to The Real Housewives of Atlanta because the panel would’ve probably immediately guessed Burruss’s name. The most obvious clue that linked to the show was an iced tea being served to the Night Angel as she spoke in her second clue package. People in the South are, of course, known for serving sweet tea. 

What That Ostrich Clue Meant

It is hard to connect ostriches with anyone, so when this bird popped up in Night Angel’s suitcase during the Super Nine episode it was a major hint to the panel. When Burruss married her husband in 2014, her wedding dress included a 12-foot train of ostrich feathers. It’s almost impossible to explain how another celebrity could have been connected to an ostrich. 
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The Most Heartbreaking Kandi Burruss Clue

For her semi-finals clue package, Night Angel opened up about losing someone close to her and how she carries that person with her. Burruss lost her older brother, Patrick Riley in 1991 after he died in a car crash at only 22 years old. She also visited her brother’s grave on Kandi’s Wedding, a docuseries about her big day.
This final clue confirmed that Burruss has been behind delivering powerful vocal performances from behind Night Angel’s mask the whole season. She definitely deserved to win.

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