The Masked Singer’s Terrifying Night Angel Is Probably This Real Housewives Star

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In a way, The Masked Singer saved the best for last by placing Night Angel in Group C. Not only is she the best singer in her group, but her vocal acrobats make her a clear front runner in the competition. Panelist Jenny McCarthy can exaggerate sometimes, but she was right when she called Night Angel’s rendition of “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi “by far the best performance all season.” The singer who is dressed as the Night Angel welcomed Group C to the show with energy and theatrics that matched her colorful (and scary) costume. 
The Night Angel’s identity is pretty apparent. Plus, the panel has thrown out this celeb’s name during past seasons. It is much easier to guess a musician’s voice compared to an actress or athlete on this show which makes it more baffling that the panel was way off with their guesses. Like Black Widow and Flamingo, Night Angel’s voice was recognizable from the second she started singing. There’s no denying which former girl group member is behind this mask. 

Major Clues About The Masked Singer's Night Angel

Night Angel’s pink and purple ensemble, complete with leather pants and wings, doesn’t give too much away about her identity. She wears very high heels, so it is safe to assume Night Angel is on the shorter side. She also speaks in a British accent during her clue package and on stage. But, she isn’t fooling anyone. Even McCarthy immediately pointed out that the accent was fake which suggests that Night Angel actually has a detectable vocal tone or accent.
The first clue package for Night Angel showed her at a motel walking into different rooms. The bedrooms she entered were numbered 4, 5, and 6. The first room had three secret service agents wearing duck bills on their faces. Door number 5 revealed four older ladies with bats, ready to fight. The agents were throwing a party behind door 6. One of the agents tapped his watch repeatedly and shook his head, implying that Night Angel was late. 
In her second clue package, Night Angel said being on stage restored her confidence and reminded her of her love for music. She recalled that years ago she found herself surrounded by other angels and lost in a crowd. She decided to go off on her own and faced rejection for the first time. Night Angels then hustled and “built an empire.” While she spoke, a secret service agent served her iced tea. She ended her package with, “Destiny led me back to the stage and hopefully I can give you a million reasons why I belong here.” 
After singing “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga for her second performance, Night Angel presented her yearbook quote. It said, “If you’re willing to lend a helping wing, then you too can break barriers.” Backstage, Night Angel admitted that the panel’s guesses had her cracking up. 
For her Group C Finals performance, Night Angel belted “Shout!” by The Isley Brothers. Her flawless vocal technique confirmed that she has definitely been performing on a stage for years. The third clue package continued to stress Night Angel’s insecurities about her singing and how she has a newfound confidence thanks to the panel’s kind feedback. She also mentioned that she missed her senior prom. 
Night Angel’s special LEGO Clue for the panel (in honor of Will Arnett being a guest panelist and Fox really trying to promote LEGO Masters) said “good times.” The masked contestant added that McCarthy says Night Angel’s real name often on her show. Oh, and Night Angel attempted her fake British accent, again. 
During her super nine clue package, Night Angel repeated how the show allows her to embrace the spotlight. She said she has been “avoiding being front and center.” She mentions again how her fear developed after she was rejected early on in her career. 
Her super clue was a tricycle and she said “I’d like to cruise on by you with a tricky one.” She also added that she is not just a voice, but a “mogul.”

Who Is The Night Angel On The Masked Singer?

Well, if Night Angel is who I think she is, she should be hysterically laughing under her mask because the panel is not close to guessing her identity at all. Her powerful, soulful voice and her mannerisms make her identity undeniable. Night Angel has to be Xscape singer, songwriter, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss.
Panelist Robin Thicke has thrown out Burruss’s name before for contestants that didn’t resemble her figure. Burruss is tiny just like Night Angel and the masked contestant’s gestures are similar to Burruss’ body language on The Real Housewives. Burruss also has a very unique vocal pattern and southern accent which would explain why Night Angel is trying (and failing) to pull off a British accent to shield her real voice.  
The very first clue about Night Angel was really subtle but it did point to Burruss being behind the mask. Night Angel walked into multiple bedrooms which could have been a play on Burruss’ sex toy company called Bedroom Kandi. The numbers also made up the name of the song “4, 5, 6” which Burruss was featured on in 1999. The contents of the room connected to the different parts of Burruss’s career. The first room with the three agents in duck bills could have been a reference to Burruss helping pen Destiny Child’s hit “Bills, Bills, Bills.” Room 5 and the older ladies linked to Burruss’ restaurant called Old Lady Gang. This room could have had a double meaning because the four older ladies could also represent the four members of Burruss’s girl group Xscape. Lastly, the final room with a party that Night Angel arrived late to represent her writing “Tardy for the Pardy” for former Real Housewives co-star Kim Zolciak. 
In week two, Night Angel said that being on The Masked Singer stage reestablished her onstage confidence which was an obvious clue that she has years of experience performing as a musician. The “other angels” Night Angel mentioned could, again, connect to her three other Xscape band members. Xscape was popular in the ‘90s before taking a hiatus in 1998. After the group dismembered, Burruss tried to start a solo career. Her debut album did not chart very well, possibly her “first rejection.” The empire Night Angel mentioned in the package and the iced tea could represent Burruss' businesses that she has created in the south and the region being known for serving sweet tea. 
Night Angel’s yearbook quote could be a nod to her success in the music industry. Burruss was the first Black woman to receive the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers’ Songwriter of the Year Award. That’s clearly breaking barriers.
The final set of clues for Night Angel before her Super Nine debut further suggest that Burruss is behind the mask. In 2014, Burruss posted a throwback photo from her high school graduation on her Instagram account. In the caption, Burruss revealed she had to skip high school events, including her senior prom, to attend Xscape gigs. So, the missed senior prom clue would definitely apply to Burruss.
The LEGO clue is another obvious giveaway of Night Angel’s identity. Burruss does have a connection to McCarthy because she visited the panelist’s radio show in 2018 for an interview. Burruss shared a picture with McCarthy afterwards. The caption said, “Every time I like up with @jennymccarthy it’s a good time!” 
The panel seems to always guess that a male contestant with a great voice is a former boy band member, but they rarely suggest a singer from a girl group. That probably explains why the judges are not seeing the importance of the clues about Night Angel enjoying her independence. (Thicke quickly shot down McCarthy’s idea when she said Burruss' name.)
She mentioned fear of rejection early in her career which, again, references Burruss’s success with Xscape and her break from the stage. It could also explain why the Night Angel appears to be so thankful for the nice critique because Burruss is finally receiving praise for her solo work.
The hint that Night Angel is a “mogul” was probably the biggest super nine clue that connects to Burruss’s identity. As mentioned, Burruss runs her own company, has a restaurant, and writes songs for other artists. There is no doubt that Burruss qualifies as a mogul. 
So, despite her mask looking like she will suck the life out of your body (the mouth is terrifying), Night Angel is likely the hilarious reality star enjoying being back on the stage.
Update: This story has been updated to incorporate new episodes of The Masked Singer.

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