There’s A Curveball In The Night Angel’s Suitcase Clues On The Masked Singer

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After finally having all the contestants perform on the same episode for the Super Nine, The Masked Singer is separating the contestants into groups, again. A clear frontrunner in the first group (and the whole competition) is the Masked Singer's Night Angel. To help the panelists, who have been constantly confused about Night Angel’s identity, each contestant shared an entire suitcase full of brand new clues this week. 
That didn’t seem to nudge the panel in the right direction, though. They are still way off with their guesses if my original theory is correct. I remain fully convinced that Xscape singer and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is inside the colorful but terrifying costume. Night Angel’s suitcase full of clues supports my theory, so let’s break down each item to see how they indicate Burruss is the powerful vocalist behind the mask. 

New Clue: Snow Globe With A Night Angel 

The very first clue was a snow globe with a miniature Night Angel inside of it. Here's what it probably means — and be warned, it's going to complicated.
Considering her current presence on the Bravo show, it’s hard to believe that Burruss actually wasn’t an original cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What would we do without her hilarious facial expressions? Back in 2009, Burruss joined RHOA for the first time in its second season. She replaced Deshawn Snow, a businesswoman who appeared in the first season and then was never heard from again. The snow globe could be a reference to Snow and the way that Burruss took over her role on RHOA

New Clue: Honeybee With A Bejeweled Crown

These two clues are not as straightforward as the other items in Night Angel’s suitcase, but that could be intentional; I'm fairly certain these clues are meant to be combined. The honeybee and crown, together, create a queen bee. Who is known as the biggest queen bee in the music industry? The only correct answer is Beyoncé, of course. Stay with me, I have a point here (and it's not that Beyoncé is on The Masked Singer).
Besides being a musician and a reality television star, Burruss is mainly known for being the songwriter behind multiple hits over the last few decades. Those popular songs include collaborations with Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. Burruss helped pen a few of the group’s catchy singles like “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Bug A Boo.” She has also mentioned working with Beyoncé and the beloved pop group in multiple interviews. So, it isn’t too much of a stretch to think these two clues in Night Angel’s suitcase reference one of the biggest artists she has worked with. 

New Clue: An Ostrich

The ostrich clue seemed pretty random, but it is actually a clear reference to Burruss. When Burruss tied the knot with her husband Todd Tucker in 2014, she wore one of the most unique and unforgettable wedding dresses I’ve ever seen: Burruss’s dress has a 12-foot train of ostrich feathers.
This clue is so obscure I’m not sure it could apply to anyone else. Who else has shared a headline with an ostrich? 

New Clue: “The Bag is Mine” Luggage Tag 

Every episode The Masked Singer likes to throw in a red herring to make the audience and the panel question their thinking. Mostly, it only works on the panel. Last week, panelist Jenny McCarthy suggested musician Brandy could be behind the mask. The luggage tag with “The Bag is Mine” is clearly a play on one of Brandy’s most well-known songs called “The Boy Is Mine,” which will likely make McCarthy think her theory is correct.
But I see right through this misdirect. Instead of the pun hinting at Brandy’s identity, it could just refer to an interview that included Burruss and Brandy. Both musicians appeared together on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Brandy and Burruss were also both popular ‘90s R&B singers, so it makes sense that the show would use clues that point to Brandy. 

New Clue: A “Boss” Luggage Tag

Night Angel’s final clue was her second luggage tag which had “boss” written on it. This is a clue that has been highlighted in most of Night Angel’s packages. She previously called herself a “mogul.” Burruss runs her own restaurant and company, making her a boss.  How can you not be convinced by now that Night Angel is Burruss in disguise? 
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