It Looks Like Kristin Cavallari Hinted At A Divorce Months Ago

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After 10 years together, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler recently announced their plans to divorce. Many fans were surprised by the news: After all, they just took a big Bahamas vacation and fended off cheating rumors that destroyed Cavallari’s friendship with bestie Kelly Henderson. Clearly, however, fans just weren’t paying close enough attention to the clues Cavallari was dropping about the pending end of her marriage.
In a recently unearthed video from TMZ, Cavallari seemingly hinted that not all is well in her marriage. At a Q&A event for her company Uncommon James in February — which she attended with Cutler — a newly-engaged fan asks Cavallari for advice on her upcoming marriage. Cavallari doesn’t so much give “advice” as she does a warning. 

“Don’t do it,” she tells the fan of getting hitched. 
Following Cavallari’s statement, the room erupts in laughter, and even Cutler joins in. Yet knowing what we know now, it’s a pretty uncomfortable situation. For one thing, Cavallari was reportedly shopping for a new home away from Cutler in November of 2019, a few months before this video was taken. Sure, she was probably kidding about her fan not getting married, but it’s easy to speculate why such an answer would be on her mind. 
The end of Cavallari and Cutler’s marriage may have been foreshadowed on Very Cavallari as well. In addition to the drama surrounding those Henderson-Cutler cheating rumors (which Cavallari insisted she never believed and according to the couple and Henderson have zero basis in reality) Cavallari and Cutler often had conflict on the show. 
In one particularly uncomfortable episode in 2019, Cutler unkindly calls Cavallari the “breadspender” of the family, and insinuates he has to pay for her lifestyle. Cavallari also flat-out admitted on the show that Cutler was the “last man on the totem pole” in her life, and that she wanted to spend more time building up Uncommon James. 

While Cavallari and Cutler may not have always seen eye-to-eye (hence, um, the divorce) they said in their split statement posted to Instagram that they “have nothing but love and respect for one another and are deeply grateful for the years shared, memories made, and the children [they] are so proud of.”
Check out the TMZ video below:

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