Houston, We Have A Hit: Beyoncé Is On The “Savage” Remix

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Members of the Beyhive know that if you stay ready for a surprise release from Beyoncé, you won’t have to get ready. But today’s drop is a gift straight out of our dreams: a collaboration with rapper Megan thee Stallion.
There’s no way that you haven’t heard Megan’s chart-topping single “Savage” yet; the song is currently chilling at the top of the Billboard Top 15 thanks to the eponymous dance challenge (in all of its iterations) on dominating the TikTok space. Just when you were about to growing weary of hearing Megan calling herself “classy, bougie, and ratchet” on the track, the Queen Bey stepped in to breathe new life into the social media anthem.
This isn’t the “Savage” that you weren’t introduced to when Suga dropped in March. As soon as the familiar beat drops, Beyoncé slides in, dipping into her lower register. “Queen Bey, want no smoke with me,” she purrs. “Gon’ turn this motherfucker 800 degrees.”
“Whole team eats,” Beyoncé continues in the intro. “Chef’s kiss, she’s a treat. Ooh, she’s so bougie, bougie — bon appétit.”
Unlike many of the remixes we’ve heard recently, this rendition of “Savage” is pretty much an entirely different song. Megan blesses us with brand new verses that are even more powerful than the original (“Haters keep my name in their mouth, now they’re gagging” has already been added to my running list of future Instagram captions, thank you very much), but she also lets the OG Houston hottie flex her muscle on the track.
Beyoncé adds her flair to the remix, decorating it with light harmonies throughout, and she delivers not one, but three verses marked with braggadocio and expletives. I love it — Cuss-yoncé is back, y’all!
As expected, the collaboration broke the internet. Fans of both Megan thee Stallion and Beyoncé have been keeping their fingers crossed for a musical collaboration since the Houston artists first connected during a star-studded New Year's Eve celebration earlier this year. Still, like most Beyoncé releases, this a surprise, and the internet wasted no time stanning.
The remix is currently available for streaming on Tidal, but Megan — out of the kindness of her heart — released the audio for the surprise track on her YouTube video, complete with an fitting animation of a stallion and a swarm of bees. All proceeds from Meg and Beyoncé's collaboration will go to Bread of Life, a Houston organization actively supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.
As a stan and a Houstonian, this song will be on repeat for the forseeable future on my end. The only way to make it even better? A music video, starring the two hotties making their way through the streets of the 713.

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