Live From His Mom’s Basement, Pete Davidson Gives A Crucial Update On His New Movie & Drug Habits

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Quarantine might be the best thing to ever happen to Pete Davidson. When he's not writing songs to sing and monologues to give on Saturday Night Live's at-home episodes, he's eagerly awaiting the release of his new movie The King Of Staten Island. In between all that, he's not doing drugs. You heard me correctly.
Davidson has built much of his persona around his drug use, specifically weed, but in conversation with Judd Apatow, director of The King Of Staten Island, Davidson revealed that he's actually been using his time in social isolation to detox.
"I'm trying to be healthy, eat right, all healthy foods," Davidson tells Apatow in the Instagram video. "I quite drugs for a bit."
Apatow was shocked, but Davidson double down.
"This is what you're like?" Apatow asked.
"Clear-eyed and all smiley and I have pigment in my face," Davidson continued.
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But that wasn't the end of the good news. Apatow later revealed that despite quarantine, The King Of Staten Island would still be released, instead coming to on-demand on June 12 for us to watch in our homes. The film, written by Davidson, Apatow, and Dave Sirus, was supposed to premiere at SXSW, then the Tribeca Film Festival, but both were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The comedy is loosely based on Davidson's actual life, telling the story of a slacker named Scott (Davidson) whose father was killed in 9/11. When his mother, played by Marisa Tomei, starts dating a firefighter (Bill Burr), Davidson is forced out of his passive way of life and must move forward from his grief.
So that's two things to celebrate: Davidson's movie, and Davidson quitting drugs. Actually, slight clarification on that last part:
"I ran out," he explained. "I ran out of drugs."
Close enough.

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