Bigger Consequences & A Lana Upgrade: What Could Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Look Like?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix’s new reality show Too Hot To Handle might be the official show of quarantine, which is why it’s hard to believe that the streamer hasn’t picked it up for another season. So why then are fans still waiting to hear whether or not Too Hot To Handle is returning for season 2? Perhaps, because Netflix is too busy figuring out what another season of Too Hot To Handle will look like. 
While the show’s no-touch premise is hard to look away from, Netflix will need to make it even hotter and the twists even crazier to make it worth everyone’s while. Too Hot To Handle producer Louise Peet agrees, telling People, “I have some ideas [for season 2], but I am keeping them top secret for now!” Luckily, we have some thoughts that we’re willing to share.
For instance, they’ll have to rethink their casting now that the hotties of the world know this show is not about hooking up, but also finding personal enlightenment. They’re going to have to prove that contestants are coming to the not-as-sexy-as-they-hoped island retreat for the right reasons. Otherwise, we’re going to be stuck with a lot of good-looking villains looking to become popular Instagram influencers. And no one wants even more ads for detox tea, now do we?
The stakes also have to be higher, which means the consequences have to be bigger. Netflix will certainly have to up the $100,000 jackpot and reassess the costs of indiscretions. The higher the risk of being kicked off the island, the more incentive these sexy singles have to look but not touch. 
As we saw the first time around, willpower is at a premium and the series is going to have to find ways to take advantage of that. That can be done by adding grenades like exes. Sure, it’s evil, but it makes for good TV, right? Bringing back Too Hot To Handle season 1 exiles like Madison and Kori could also be a good twist. Seriously, can part-time selfie taker Kori really ever change his pick-up artist ways? I know I’m interested in finding out. 
Maybe instead of doing workshops on vagina appreciation and Japanese bondage, season 2 can offer elimination challenges that put those who can’t follow Lana’s rules in the hot seat. Or, maybe they add even more contestants and have them stay on opposite sides of the island, only to throw a wrench in the mix by mixing the two very hot tribes later in the season. 
Speaking of Lana, our girl is going to need an upgrade. Maybe that means Lana 2.0 gets an AI sidekick who will help her narc on contestants like Francesca and Harry who think they can pull a fast one on her. Oh, and maybe this new device can play devil’s advocate and stir up some drama. 
One personal request: Too Hot To Handle season 2 has to include an aftershow. We need that hot tea and we need it ready to serve the minute we finish the season. Sorry Netflix, that one is non-negotiable.

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