No One Saw This Too Hot To Handle Couple Coming

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Single people around the world are living vicariously through the new Netflix series Too Hot To Handle, a reality show a là Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise that sends attractive singles to an exotic retreat. There is just one major catch: they can't engage in any sexual activity whatsoever. While that proves to be a struggle for the hotblooded young people, genuine connections are made on the show — including a few that fans never saw coming.
Early on in the reality series, a few ships were formed; Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul had an immediate attraction to each other, and things got so hot and heavy between Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago that they ultimately ended up costing the group $32,000. Of course, there were other brief flirtations on the show, but #Sharrhonda and #Frarry were the strongest couples.
Francesca and Harry's relationship survived the trials of life on the outside — no doubt thanks to Lana's teachings on the island — but they aren't the only pairing to look out for these days. Post-Too Hot To Handle, sparks flew between two other singles: Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O'Brien.
Confused? That's fair. During all eight episodes of the first season, Irish baby Nicole and Los Angeles boat resident Bryce had what appeared to be little to no interaction. Bryce spent the majority of his time on the show trying to make things work with Nicole's closest friend Chloe Veitch until she politely gave him the boot in search of a geezer with banter. He was friend-zoned, sadly, and spent the rest of his days in the villa not jeopardizing the group's $100,00 cash prize (Fran and Harry can't relate).
Bryce and Nicole revealed that they "really bonded" when the Too Hot To Handle cast spent a few days in a Mexican hotel suite recovering from their month of celibacy. "He wasn't really my cuppa tea at the start," Nicole said of her boyfriend to "But getting to know him more and more, we formed a proper bond and connection."
"We thrived in the real world," Bryce chimed in.
As Lana would have it, what the couple needed to get to know each other deeper was some quality time that didn't revolve around sex. The long-distance nature of their relationship ironically made it that much easier for Bryce and Nicole to get closer to each other. Even with one half of the pair in L.A. and the other half living in London, they've been happily dating since last April. The chemistry may not have been there during filming, but Nicole says the experience is what put her in the proper mindset to approach a commitment seriously and with intention.
"It changed me completely," she told "[Now] I really want personality, and someone who is willing to commit to me."
Since the point of the retreat was to help the contestants learn how to have more meaningful relationships and connect with other people, it looks like Lana made a few points after all. Mission complete.

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