Kris Jenner Takes Care Of A Delirious Kylie Post-Surgery On KUWTK

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Last year, Kylie Jenner threw a party after getting matching LASIK eye surgery with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou. There were dresses adorned with eyeballs and a party bus. While Karanikolaou’s surgery vlog made the whole thing look pretty lit, the immediate aftermath of the surgery, documented on Thursday’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, did not look so pretty. 
In a new clip from the episode, Kylie returns from having LASIK (which stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis and is used to correct vision) a little delirious. Her mom Kris Jenner is there to assist her, and even hands Kylie a special tool in order to get in immediate touch with her. 
“I brought you this little bell. If you [ring it,] I’m going to come. Don’t forget I’m just around the corner,” Kris tells Kylie after tucking her into bed. 
It takes no more than two seconds for Kylie to put that bell to good use. (Let's be honest: Kris should have expected this. That's way too much power.)
“I just want some water in a glass with no ice and some lemon,” says Kylie. 
Just as Kris is out the door, the request for tacos comes in. This is not surprising as Kylie is a notorious taco fiend. What is surprising is that Kris then feeds the tacos to Kylie, in bed, while Kylie is still wearing her protective eyewear. (Think of the crumbs, Kris! Think of the crumbs!) 

Kylie isn’t the only celebrity to be taken care of by their mom after getting LASIK eye surgery. Taylor Swift, who has a notoriously complicated relationship with the Kardashians, also received the surgery. Her mother shared a video of Swift (still a little woozy from the procedure) freaking out over a banana with Jimmy Fallon, and it quickly went viral. Kylie probably wins for best post-surgery snack, though.
Check out the video below:
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