Tyler Cameron Turned Listen To Your Heart Into One Big Jed Wyatt Roast

Photo: Jackson Lee/GC Images.
We are pretty much all in agreement that The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart was inspired by enemy number one, The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt, correct? The new spin-off show even went as far as to cast a Jed look-a-like, Trevor. But if somehow you weren't getting Hannah Brown-Jed Wyatt war flashbacks while watching the season premiere, Tyler Cameron logged onto Twitter to make sure, and it looks like Jed was having none of it.
Tyler, runner up to Jed on Hannah's season as well as recent quarantine buddy of the former Bachelorette, decided to live-tweet the Listen To Your Heart season premiere on Monday night, and when he wasn't talking about how much he loves Ryan, he was posting subtle digs to Jed — and Jed saw.
"They should give Jed producer credits because he is definitely the creative idea for this show," he wrote.
Other tweets were commenting on the resemblance between Jed and and Trevor, who was even wearing a similar jacket as the ex-fiancé.
And, just for good measure, there was another Jed dig, this time about Sheridan.
Make no mistake, Jed was seeing these tweets. He even responded to one of them.
He was also liking tweets in his defense from former Bachelorette contestant Garrett Powell, who spent the premiere getting into fights with strangers on Twitter.
Some fans are even saying Jed unfollowed Tyler on Twitter after all this. While Tyler's currently not part of Jed's "Following" list, it's not clear if he ever was, or when the alleged unfollowing occurred. The only definitive answer we have is a statement from Jed himself, who doesn't seem too pressed.
Oh, we will.

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