Toaster Oven Recipes From RHONY ‘s Sonja Morgan Are Just What We Need Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Sonja Tremont Morgan of Bravo fame hasn't always come through on her promises. Throughout season 5 of Real Housewives of New York City, we followed Morgan as she worked to develop her very own toaster oven and toaster oven cookbook. That was in 2012, and we fans have yet to see either hit the market. Despite this though, the Bravolebrity did come through when it really matters. Recently, Morgan shared some toaster oven recipes that could come in handy during quarantine.
Sonja Morgan shared some toaster oven cooking tips with E! News today, and according to her, they're just the ticket for social distance dining. One of her tips involves ingredients that might be leftover after taking on a big baking project, which many of us are resorting to during this time inside. "When you make a pie, you take the leftover pie crust and you roll it up into cinnamon rolls, so you make little cinnamon pin rolls with cinnamon and sugar." Morgan tells E! News. According to the Bravo star, that's one toaster oven recipe kids love.
Though this simple recipe never made it into a cookbook, you can find a similar one on Sonja Morgan's website. This recipe, which is entitled "Toaster Oven Recipe – Sonja's Mom's Cinnamon Sugar Rolls," doesn't require leftover pie dough, so it can be made even if you're not channeling your stressing into baking and can instead only muster the effort to make dishes that call for fewer than five ingredients. On her website, Morgan also has recipes for Toaster Oven Potato Chips, Toaster Oven Truffle Mac n Cheese, and more. These small dishes could be ideal for this period when big dinner parties are absolutely off-limits.
While making mini cinnamon rolls or potato chips in the toaster oven isn't hard to imagine, Morgan takes the cooking method even further by suggesting "toaster fish with asparagus" to E! News for an easy entrée. "My favorite would have to be the very inexpensive fish, you know the cod and the halibut," she explains. "You put those in tin foil with a little bit of milk and a pad of butter. Put it on the top rack at the end to brown the butter."
If you feel like you need a little more info before throwing a piece of fish into this countertop appliance, don't worry. Ms. Morgan walked fans through the exact recipe in a 2011 YouTube video which is still available for your viewing pleasure. We highly recommend watching and going through the reality TV stars' backlog of videos regardless of whether or not you actually try making the dish. On her YouTube channel, you can also find a tutorial for how to make Toaster Oven Chicken Parmigiano.
If you decide quarantine isn't the right time for you to try making elaborate meals in your toaster oven, there are other ways to channel Sonja Morgan's culinary energy in your kitchen. Earlier this week, the New York Housewife gave a peek inside her fridge and pantry. Among the items she was sure to highlight were hot sauce, jarred pesto, lentil and chickpea pasta, green olives, Greek yogurt, heavy whipping cream and whipped cream, sour cherry juice, and almond milk. Perhaps you can add a few of those to your list and leave the recipes to the experts.

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