The Kitty’s Super Clue On The Masked Singer Is Meant To Trip You Up

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There are only nine celebrities left on the third season of The Masked Singer. Right now, there seems to be only one contestant remaining who we are all really struggling to guess: Kitty.
Kitty's clues on The Masked Singer have all been so vague were all vague, that early on, my favorite theory — actress Emma Watson — seemed slightly likely. But we've all dropped that theory and Kitty’s super clue is throwing us for another loop. As the weeks go by, it seems more and more plausible the Kitty could be someone like Lucy Hale or Kate Bosworth.

The Kitty's Tree Super Clue

Her super clue during before her super nine performance really tips the scales to the side of Hale: Kitty danced with the Tree from last season, who was revealed to be comedian Ana Gasteyer. Kitty said, “This is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Ring Any jingle bells.” While Gasteyer’s costume was just labeled “Tree,” it looked like a festive Christmas tree and her appearance ended up coinciding with the release of her latest Christmas album. So, the super clue could be a hint that Kitty is connected to Christmas music.  
Hale has dabbled in the holiday music genre. She has released two festive songs, titled “Mistletoe” and “You’re Here.” Both were included on the 2017 holiday album called A Hollywood Christmas. Her musical background is actually the main reason Hale being the Kitty is a strong theory. It would explain Kitty’s impressive vocals and fearless song choices. (No one decides to belt Celine Dion’s iconic “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” unless they are confident they can nail those high notes.) Plus, Christmas lights were shown in Kitty’s third clue package, so the holiday has been referenced before. 
Then there are the other clues that support Hale being the Kitty. Hale is “teen tiny,” as panelist Jenny McCarthy often says, just like Hale. She had rose petals in her first clue package which could reference Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the fake town Hale’s Pretty Little Liars character Aria lived in. She also had clues that point to her other well known roles. Fashion was mentioned in the second clue package which connects to Hale’s current part in Katy Keene. There were also references to scary movies. Hale starred in horror films Truth or Dare and Fantasy Island
Kitty has performed a few country songs which connect to Hale’s country album, Road Between. The songs allowed Kitty to show off a southern twang which Hale could easily mimic considering she was born in Memphis, Tennessee. If you listen to “Road Between” and then compare it to Kitty’s version of “Mercy”, the powerful voices sound very similar. 
But there was a second clue tonight that throws a wrench in all of this...

Kitty's Robert Redford Clue

Kitty also used the first episode with the super nine to drop a hint about her past, telling the judges that got her first role with the help of Robert Redford. Hale's first roles — at least that we can find — were Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Drake & Josh, and The OC. None of these are associated with Redford.
Bosworth, however, saw her first role in Redford's film, The Horse Whisperer, in which he starred and produced. Bosworth has been a popular guess because, like the Kitty, she has one blue eye and one hazel eye.
And, if we really want to make the Christmas Tree clue fit, she actually sang a holiday tune in a once buzzy ad for Top Shop.
Kitty’s clues have been difficult to decipher. Her super clue was much more cryptic than her other special clues revealed this season. But, it seems highly likely that The Masked Singer was subtly referencing Hale’s musical background. If only that Redford clue hadn't come in and made everything so complicated!
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