Did We Just Figure Out Who The Elusive Kitty Is On The Masked Singer?

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The second group of contestants on the Masked Singer is stacked with secret celebs who consistently deliver nearly pitch perfect performances and choreography. And one of the most interesting celebs in Group B is The Masked Singer's mysterious Kitty. Compared to her competitors, Kitty’s clue packages have been pretty cryptic so far, making it slightly difficult to determine who she is. After carefully analyzing her performances and dissecting her clues, here’s who we think might be inside the sparkly Kitty costume. 

Major Clues About The Masked Singer's Kitty

All the clues for the Group B contestants seem much more complicated than the information shown for Group A. Even Kitty’s costume could be a clue! She is dressed like a Vegas showgirl and she has one blue eye and one yellow eye. The panel mentioned that she has a tiny figure.
But the most important clues we received in Kitty’s first clue package were that she is hoping to “wipe the slate clean as the purest snow” and she said “people don’t think of me as the person I’ve become, but the person I once was.” There was also a shot of a wizard looking at a telescope and rose petals hitting the ground.
Kitty's second clue package didn’t build on a lot of information we already know about her. It introduced her sewing skills and showed her working in a designer loft. She said she likes to sew for someone special before making a red hooded cape. She also said she created “a dress for a family member’s ball.” Her favorite subject in school was English and she calls herself a bookworm. Again, super confusing. 
One thing Kitty did make sure to stress again in her voiceover was that she is showing off a completely new side of herself with her singing voice. After performing Ariana Grande’s sultry “Dangerous Woman” last week, she switched things up and turned to country for week two with “Mercy” by Brett Young. 
Kitty’s third set of clues included an appearance by her BFF (“best felines forever”) who is shown standing on a balcony of a brick mansion. This bestie revealed that Kitty enjoys writing poems or directing horror films while a typical scary movie scream was heard. There was also a random zoom in on white, twinkly Christmas lights during the clue package. 
For Kitty’s third performance, she sang “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert” with a southern twang. Her special clue wass a friendship bracelet that she sent to Thicke saying, “I gave this to you because the first time we met was lit.” 

Who Is The Kitty On The Masked Singer?

I’m going to be honest. This is the most baffled I’ve been in three seasons watching this show. Kitty’s dance moves and song choices suggest she is younger. Her desire to make people see her as she is now also implies that Kitty is a young celeb who started as a child star and wants to shed that image. Considering all this information, I was leaning toward Kitty being Emma Watson. But another, more probable, option is actress Lucy Hale. Hear me out.
I can see why I, and so many fans, thought the Kitty was Watson. The inclusion of the wizard is a no brainer looked like a reference to Watson’s most well-known role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. Hermione literally turns into an anthropomorphic cat in the first movie, a look that wasn't unlike the Kitty costume. The rose petals could point to her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. The second clue package could also be a nod to Watson’s role in fairytale film, as Belle wears a red cape when she talks to Beast in the snow. 
Another known fact about Watson: she loves to read. Watson graduated from Brown University with a degree in English literature. Also, the announcement that her favorite subject was English in school could double as a hint that Kitty is English. And though Kitty doesn’t speak with an accent, ever since Kelly Osbourne successfully confused the judges by switching to a southern accent, all bets are off. After all, Watson has used an American accent in a few of her roles, including 2019's Little Women.
However, the accent is a little too good. Kitty has sung two country songs now that show off a southern twang. Watson tends to do a more West Coast accent when doing American roles. Kitty’s voice is also much deeper and more powerful compared to Watson’s lilting, airy singing heard on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.
Another reason that I’m not completely sold on Watson being behind the Kitty mask is her height. Watson is tiny with her 5’5” frame, but Kitty seems to be slightly smaller which is why I’m also leaning toward former Pretty Little Liars star Hale being Kitty.
Hale is super tiny and is only 5’2” tall. The idea of reinventing herself on The Masked Singer also makes sense since she is mainly known for starring on PLL for seven seasons, but now leads a new show called Katy Keene. The rose petals could be a reference to her past role as Aria since the titular Liars resided in a fake town called Rosewood, Pennsylvania. The second and third clue packages provide even more evidence that points toward Hale. Her new character Katy Keene is all about fashion and has been shown sewing in every episode so far. Kitty also makes a red hooded cape on her sewing machine. There was an entire storyline on PLL about an enemy wearing a red hood and at one point the audience is led to believe Aria is the secret traitor. The scary movie-style scream and mention of slaying the competition could reference Hale's roles in multiple horror films including Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare and the recent Fantasy Island reboot. 
Of course the biggest clue that would confirm Hale’s identity is Kitty’s voice. Hale has released music and her first record, Road Between, was a country album. That would definitely explain Kitty’s song selections so far and her more robust voice. Take a listen:
Plus, Hale was also featured on a holiday album called A Hollywood Christmas which would connect to the Christmas lights in the most recent clue package. Lastly, Hale has met Thicke before. The two publicly posed together at an event in Washington, DC in 2015
It’s a stretch, but multiple signs do point to Watson or Hale being on The Masked Singer this season. This would show a completely new side for Watson’s fans to see while it would confirm Hale’s singing abilities. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if, like Ken Jeong, I’m way off.
Update: This story was originally published on Feb. 28. It has been updated to reflect new clues.

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