Instagram Live Has Become The Perfect Grounds For A Battle Of The Bands During Quarantine

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As week two (three, if you’re me) of the coronavirus self-isolation measures roll around, everyone is seeking out new ways to entertain themselves and stay connected to the outside world. Celebrities, in particular, are freer than usual thanks to the outbreak, and many of them are turning to social media to keep in touch with fans and fellow stars alike. But it’s not just TikToks and at-home talk shows — the quarantine has birthed a new kind of experience that music lovers are living for. In addition to the virtual dance parties and living room concerts, some of the biggest names in the music industry have come together (online) to debate their best work.
The virtual showdowns began with a battle of the beats between star producers Swizz Beats and Timbaland last Tuesday, and the music icons passed the torch to songwriters and singers Sean Garrett and The Dream. Ne-Yo and Johnta Austin followed suit last night, duking it out in what may have been the toughest match up so far; the songwriters showed up with 25 songs each, with every selection turning up the heat.
Music heads and artists were losing it in the comments of the live stream, stanning the excess of talent playing out before our very eyes. It got audiences thinking: who else could go toe to toe in the IG ring?
Leave that to me. Ahead, just a few of the music matchups that we would pay good money to see but won't have to since they'd livestream the whole thing anyway.
Drake vs. Pusha T (or Meek Mill)
Rap beef never dies — it just cools down over time. So there's no better opportunity for Drake and Pusha T to prove themselves the better rapper than a run-through of their biggest hits for the world to see. Better yet, give the people a freestyle battle!
If Pusha's not game (understandably so), sub him out for Meek Mill. He and Drake are finally on good terms again, so that should be all in good fun.
Megan thee Stallion vs. The City Girls
Spring may be canceled, but if these new reports about the coronavirus are correct, the world is still on track for a Hot Girl Summer — thank God. Both Megan and the City Girls have given society a plethora of thotty bops (I’m personally partial to “Simon Says” myself), but who deserves to be crowned queen(s) of the summer sound? 
Miley Cyrus vs. Demi Lovato
It’s the showdown of the former Disney darlings! We know both of these women can sing, but who’s got the more iconic discography? Let Instagram be the judge.
Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera
Both Britney and Christina were considered two of the most popular singers of the 90s, but only one boasts a better discography. Hint: it rhymes with Whitney Gears.
Fantasia vs. Jennifer Hudson
Turn down the volume on your headphones for this one, because this matchup is about who can sing the house down. We're talking vocals, people.
Adele vs. Sam Smith
The category is "Songs that Make Us Cry." The winner is whoever makes me sob the loudest into my wine.
Some of these might never happen — the Drake/Pusha T pairing is definitely a stretch — but hey, anything's possible, especially in the age of the coronavirus. Instagram, do your thing.

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